Demand Media Closes Austin Office

bartonsprings1Woah. Thanks to special commenter “Thanks” (lol) for this

Demand Closing Austin Offices 

There’s a bit of “clarification” there from Demand, but it’s still a done deal.

Sorry for everyone losing their jobs. But think of it as just extra time at Barton Springs.



Breaking News – This is The End

Things coming in hot and heavy DSSers!!! Apparently Demand has chosen today to pull the plug. Quotes from a DSSer below. Don’t forget you can head to the forums to spill your guts, too.

Don’t worry. We’re not going anywhere. As we’ve said before, this site costs about $1 to run.

eHow finally gave the termination notice to all writers. The “renovation” project is done and no more writers are needed. Of course, they let Jordan Decker the weasel make the announcement. Nice of the higher-ups to fire veterans who had been with them the better part of a decade without the guts to face them. Classy move Eve and Richard.

Let’s see if Demand (or someone) can make a profit just earning from eHow ad clicks with no more labor put into the site. Should work, with a few people hanging around to fix dead links and add a few posts each week to meet Google’s “freshness” requirements.

I’m surprised the press did not pick up on the story about Demand gaming Google with false social shares, writer bios, etc.

If it’s not costing you money, please keep this site live. It’s an important research tool to document what went on at a spectacular Internet failure and how society rose up to thwart at least one evil industry (content mills). I think the smirking, arrogant asshats in Demand’s editorial department also need to have their names associated with the damage they did to countless professional writers.

“The only thing needed for evil to flourish is for good men to take down their websites.” :-)

Demand Says Buh-Bye to eHow?

The beginning of the end?

Yep. Looks like Demand is selling off eHow.

Sad days.

I wonder “e-How” the assignment queue is doing?

I’m just glad that Richard picked me up a Demand Studios t-shirt while they were available.


Drop the Zero and Get with the Hero!

Hey kids!

It’s summertime. That means we’re on vacation. Just like Demand! LOL. Found this letter stuck in our letterbox. Looks like we might be around after Demand is gone! But don’t feel too bad. All the Execs cashed out long ago.

Once again there are ZERO titles to claim at Demand Studios! Take a look at the flimsy, sugar coated BS they are telling contributors now.

Hi everyone,

Two weeks ago I announced that we were making some changes to better support eHow’s overall editorial strategy. While that effort is still underway, we’ve determined that our best option going forward is to have a smaller number of contributors […]

Is Demand Still Gaming Google?

Howdy all – sorry for the delay. Been lots of craziness in the Demand Sucks world, but it looks like we have the website back under control. Just so that we all know what the score is, here’s some prices to remind you: 

DMD IPO Price 2011: $23.59 Current DMD price 2015: $6.58 

Of course, that current price is after a couple of splits, so I’ll leave all the financial mumbo jumbo up to you DSSers or Richard Head if he ever decides to show up again. 

Anyway, thanks for all the emails. Here’s a guest post from DSSer “Bob Smith”. 

Demand Media Studios was founded on one principle – […]

Old News

How to Go Down With the Ship

Yeah, we know it’s been a while since we rapped at ya.

In all truth, neither Richard or myself has even logged into the Demand site in many months.

Writing this post yesterday made me curious to see if I still even had permissions, so I checked.

And, lo and behold I do.

A quick snoop around confirmed that Demand is pumping out hard hitting journalism pieces as ever.

Some of the titles I noticed in the queue:

What is the Most Popular Job in Japan? Tractor Repair Training How to Teach English in Greenland

Ahh, some things never change.

Now […]