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Fired From a Content Mill: A True Story

Demand Studios Sucks

Richard Head

Wanted to give a shout out to lurker “Ravis”. He shares a story about writing for Demand back in the early days. This pretty much hits the nail on the head:

Over time, the pay went from from $15 to $25, so I wrote a little more often. In the words of the wise and sage-like Todd Snider, it was all about that easy money, and I was just looking for the most I could get for the least I could do. And man, was it easy. The best part was, you could often write variations of another article you’d written previously. For example, I would write How to Shave a Honey Badger’s Balls one day, How to Hold a Honey Badger Sideways and Shave Its Balls and How to Dance the Macarena While Shaving a Honey Badger’s Balls.

Read the rest of the article here.

PS: “Ravis” – you can tell your wife you can’t get sued for voicing your opinion. Believe me, we’ve been doing it for 4 years now. It’s called freedom of speech.

Yep. Those were the golden days indeed. I think the most I ever managed in a 8 hour day was about 10 articles. I’ve heard tales of much more. What were some of your numbers?

On another note, looks like the Demand Stock has been in turnaround of late, shooting up to 11.00 per share. They’ve got an earnings call that they’re going to announce in a week or so, maybe something to do with that?

And to the anonymous commenter – sorry to say that both Richard and myself, believe it or not, still have writing privileges. It’s just not even worth the bother anymore.

Yep. Still here.

How to Go Down With the Ship

How to Go Down With the Ship

Hey DSSers,

Sorry for the delay.

Yep. We’re still here and about, although things are more quiet than they’ve been in years.

Notice that there are finally some new titles floating about. How is everyone finding things there?

Demand stock, however, continues to hover in the sub $5/share price. Ouch.



The Ship is Just About Under

How to Go Down With the Ship

Hey guys,

Not really much going on at the Demand front.

The queues look like they’re mostly empty. The few writers with permissions still at the studio keep  correcting old articles and everyone else sits around the forums bitching.

Here’s a bit of news straight from Demand staff:

I wish I had more solid answers for everyone when it comes to the renovation, particularly when assignments/sections will be “ready.” But alas, I am caught by surprise at times when things are announced

So – even Demand staff doesn’t know what’s going on. Sad.

In other news,

Demanding to be Saved

How to Go Down With the Ship

Howdy everyone!

Sorry been so quiet. Decided to take this time off to take some holidays. Figured now would be a good time since  the Demand queue is totally dried up during the eHow “renovation.”

Got this post in the mail from DSSer N. He raises some good points, so I’d thought I’d share it with everyone.

Got an idea for a story? A juicy tidbit?

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Saving Demand

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Demand Studios Closing?

Just had a couple of different people send this in. As with most of our anonymous tips, we’re taking it worth a grain of salt.

This instagram pic was linked to from the DMS forums somewhere. Go to the link and hover over the image and you get this message:

23 hours ago – Oh, Snap. The end of the month is fast approaching! Make sure to upload any In Production projects asap, as the Studio will begin its closure for site renovation starting in April.

Click on the image to see a screen cap.

Demand closing for renovations? Or just closing. And they haven’t [...]

Too Good to Pass Up

So sad and yet so true.