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I’m no pflag, you are….

Demand Studios Pflagger Computer

Thought I’d throw this one out there for some experimenters.

For those of you new to the site, and the Demand Media system in general, every time you submit an article for review, it first gets run through the super secret Demand Studios plagiarism checker. If plagiarism is found, the article is “flagged” and then looked at by a real person.

Someone over here coined the terms “pflagging”, “pflagged” and “pflag”  and it’s since stuck.

To Be Proven: How much p do you need to be flagged?

I’ve heard different tales. Some say it’s either 7 or 8 words in a row that triggers the dreaded pflag. Demand said something a few weeks ago about how they had to tone down the pflagger, because LOTS of articles were getting flagged.

But I thought some enterprising youngster out there might want to do some experimenting and empirically prove what constitutes a pflag.

Probably would be best to try this out on a fake account – ie: one that isn’t going to be able to be traced, so, unfortunately, you won’t get paid for the articles you write.

But the audience at DSS will be eternally grateful.

I would think that DMS would be about this, as well. Because this would allow us to scientifically pinpoint how unique we need to make our articles. Once that’s done, we could all write a lot faster, DMS would get more unique articles out on the interweb, and they would make more money.

Of course, they couldn’t OFFICIALLY say this, because that would basically be owning up to the fact that they are a content mill and the majority of the articles on the site are full of shit.

But they’d probably give a sideways wink to anything that allowed us and them to churn out more unique content and make them look better come IPO time.

So – anyone up for it?

Who wants to be a real, big pflag?

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