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Making Money Online With the Zombies

How to Write 15 Livestrong Articles in a Day

You guys want motivation? Go to the “Goals Forum” and take a look at this thread (sorry, it’s not linked):

15 LIVESTRONG articles a day for 30 days, no breaks!

It’s pretty interesting. The OP apparently is a fitness consultant or something along those lines. Then we get into the weird sort of zombie stuff where people on the DS forums wind up telling their life story about why they love to write for DS.

Apparently the woman’s husband lost his job in a company that they “Owned 20% in” (her quotes, not mine) due to a corporate takeover, so she’s having to make up for it by writing for Livestrong and catch up on some bills….

Times are tough. I know….I don’t mean to mock anyone, especially a fellow writer.

15 articles a day (Livestrong = $20/article) = 300

300 * 30 = $9,000

That’s a lot of bills.

That’s all I’m saying….

PS: Here’s the link for the Android Zombie typing game I took the image above from. Cool!

11 comments to Making Money Online With the Zombies

  • TheTaxMan

    She said she was WRITING 15 a day.. with Rewrites and Rejections, she’s probably averaging about 5 approvals a day.
    Far short of her monthly bills I’m sure.

  • filly sucker

    And as far as I see, the LS articles that she was writing are the $25 ones.

  • filly sucker

    Wow, it looks like the OP from that thread has all articles dead. If you go to the thread and click on her profile then her articles none of them come up…whereas other posters on the thread come up fine.

    I clicked on her articles during the last few weeks to see what type of quality she managed to turn out at that rate. No point in commenting on that, as it’s only my opinion.

    Did she get banned for announcing on the zombie forum how she manages to spin her own content to the tune of $375 most days?

    While I admired her for her system, revealing it there is really fucking stupid.

  • Adam Vaughn

    I’m very tempted to go into that forum, post insane goals, and say I’ve accomplished them.

    Ie, I NEED $10k a week from DS to pay the repo men or they’ll take everything…

  • Lee

    I keep hearing everywhere that LS articles are worth $20. I’ve never seen an LS article worth only $20. At minimum they’re worth $25.

    And if she does that, she may catch up on bills, but the IRS will come rape her in the end.

  • marsha

    Typing of the Dead is a far superior zombie typing game.

  • Me

    Hey, I don’t remember leaving that comment.

  • You

    It’s easier to earn nine grand at a real job once you’ve done the hard work of landing one. Unless she’s recycling and spinning, then the content mill might be easier. It’s a toss up.

  • Lally's Daughter

    “I know I’ll probably be attacked by some zombies for daring to think such a thing, but $9,000 a month from a content mill? Get real.”

    Well, if she can do 15 articles a day comfortably for this month, why not? Those LS articles pay 30 and 25 dollars. It can be done if you are determined. Nine grand from a content mill still spends the same as nine grand from a “real job”.

  • Betty Draper

    I was looking through the goals forum yesterday, and noticed it was really quiet. Not many new threads. And then this thread comes along. I always wonder how many of the high earners threads are started by DS shills/plants. I know I’ll probably be attacked by some zombies for daring to think such a thing, but $9,000 a month from a content mill? Get real.

  • Page1News

    Woo Hoo! I reached my monthly $100 goal! I was so hoping that DMS would animate the work desk piggy bank. I really wanted to it do the happy dance!

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