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demand studios sucks

How to Tank

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Hey all –

We wanted to give everyone a quick update as we know many of you are concerned about titles right now. As we’ve said in the past, titles are added based on the needs of our publishers and those needs change from time to time. While there are currently less titles than some of you might be used to seeing, we can assure you that we are working hard to bring you additional titles. These titles will not only be more relevant to their destination sites, they will also be more easily executed.  We will continue to keep everyone updated on progress and appreciate your patience during this time.

12 comments to DMDmageddon

  • Here’s the thing–I’m not disagreeing with you at all. I am stating a material fact: As long as that stock does not fall below $5 (or less than $1 for more than 30 consecutive trading days) then they should actually be fine because the coverage will be there. (I write for them and I feel the pain here, but again, a material fact.)They can raise the money–and fire writers…ps-nor was I sent to the short bus class this time around.–E

  • looks like Panda pissed off DS. I’m gonna post on my Google+ account spreading the news that DS got shitcanned by Panda so now they are going after the little criticism sites.

    As my old professor said, if you’re not in trouble, you’re not having any fun. Rock on, Patrick.

  • IloveCEs

    Damn, now that the forum is down, trolls have started invading the article comments.

  • secreto

    I work for a competitor site to eHow et al. and I also tried my hand at freelancing for DM. I’d be lying if said that I didn’t purposely write crappy articles to help kill our competition. Seeing Demand Media from the eHow has confirmed a lot of our suspicions as to how the machine works, and we have used this to our advantage.

    Sorry to all the freelancers who rely on eHow for the bulk of their income, but this ship is going down. Low quality standards, low pay, and over-reliance on Google traffic and Adsense are to blame. Maybe you all can come write for us–but I have to warn you, our standards are much higher. 😉

    • Hey secreto, I’d be interested in this company. Which one is it? I can deal with higher standards, but does it require a degree or a certain number of years of experience?

  • Truthy

    There’s a permissions error that isn’t letting the forum script work? That’s what the Google is telling me. Huh. If it were a hack, I’d expect the whole site to go down. Very strange.

    I’m bored and can’t sleep! Bring it back! *cries*

  • IloveCEs


    Where is the forum? 🙁

    Froggy, what did you do????

  • Truthy

    Hey, what happened to the forum? It’s gone.

  • Whoa.

    This morning’s most recent trade at $11.16 is 60 percent less than the all-time high of $27.38 when this shitty company went public.

    The Street’s impression of DMD now places the company at less than half its original public value — in less than 6 months.

    This is more than a big Panda fucking Ritchie and his cronies deep in the ass without mercy. This is the long-overdue recognition by very smart people that Demand Media is fundamentally flawed and produces shit in any event.

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