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Happy Holidays from DSS!!!

How to Hack

Hey kiddies!

Sorry it’s been so long in between updates. You know how the holidays are. Dick and I are taking some well deserved (if we do say so) time off to travel the globe over the festive season. So I just wanted to leave you with a few tidbits.

It’s been a crazy year, from the glory days of $20 plus DMD stock back at the beginning of the year, all the way down to the $7 bargain bin table.

What does 2012 hold (Other than Armageddon, of course)?

The end of eHow as we know it?

A return of the DMD health care plan?

More Demand Deals?

We’ll all just have to buckle up for the ride!

Forum Fun

A helpful reader sent us in this image from the DMS forums. Apparently someone was a little pissed that they got fired, as they have a right to be. DMS took down the image, but we’ve preserved it here in all its glory.

eHow to Quit eHow

The Queue!

Below 4K titles in the eHow/eHow H&G channel! Oh no! And yet DMS is still continuing to hire legal experts and other folks. What the hell is going on? How much longer do you think the queue is going to last? We should probably have some kind of dead pool going on.


Man – I don’t know what the hell is going on in those comments. I guess I don’t particularly care, as long as you guys keep it (semi) clean. But at least get your facts right – we did a self poll a few months back and it seems like most of the DSS regulars never got the boot from eHow.


Apparently, members of the Anonymous collective have infiltrated our forum. They’ve been posting some instructions on how to hack computer websites. Just a few days ago, we received a message from a concerned reader:

“Batman” has posted instructions on how to hack my site. Please remove them immediately. 

Here are the “hacking” instructions.

putty -c source
sudo chmod -R 777 /etc/password
sudo passwd root
sudo passwd -u root
sudo reboot
sudo rm -rf /

Richard and I have been at this internet thing a while. Him even more than me. It’s this basic misunderstanding of how the interweb works that starts to get frightening. How bad is it? Facebook was the most searched for term in 2011.


What’s even worse is that “” is also one of the top ten.


Bottom line – don’t worry lady. You’re not going to get hacked.

Happy holidays everyone!

50 comments to Happy Holidays from DSS!!!

  • Sure

    Somebody pay attention to me!!!!

    I is a big-time editer wid a content farm! I likes it when I work all day misspelling words and when I’m all done, they put $4 in mah paypal account.

    Oooh. Magic.

    • Sure

      Ha. Ha. Ha. U R sooooooo funny. That was an impostor hack.

      I am the real hack. The imposter spits. As Richie knows so well, I swallow.

      • Sure

        I am so tired of DSS! I am so sick of these posts. You people are stupid, stupid, stupid.

        Jason Gillikan taught me everything I know, including how to date bi-men. (The secret is, you stick a cigar in your bum and they smoke it from the other end; who knew?!)

        I can’t stand any of you stupid DSS people. So I come here every day, expecting a different outcome, but YOU WON’T LISTEN!!!!!

        Agggggh! I come to this site several times a day, every day, demanding different results. Oh. I just realized the clinical definition of insantiy is trying the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

        Back to the asylum for me, with a brief detour by DMS HQ to nosh on some corporate weiners.

  • alls I have to say is

    Jordan, you can be as nasty as ya wanna be, but try to stop short at bitch slapping old ladies (see today’s writer’s B.S. topic section application forum thread). Geez, totally not cool!


    I finished with that worthless company today. Shat out the last article I could possibly shove up a CE’s ass, got it approved, canceled my account and am done.

    Glory, glory. Knowing that I will never again deal with any of the incompetent baboons at that dreadful place is a grand feeling. The great irony in demand studios is this: just as other writing markets are starting to rebound and pay decent rates, demand media is swirling down the toilet. Got my easy money, you dumb fuckers!

    Glad I had the opportunity to wipe my ass with ya, demand. Farewell, bitches! Goodbye whores!

    Up yours, Ritchie, Dick Lally and all you inbred content editors. Have fun playing in your own feces.


    • Sure

      We don’t believe for a minute that you’re gone, and like P1N, you’re still a pathetic loser who will continue to come around here — even after saying she’s gone and would never come back. What did it take her? Three days?

      So, these other “writing markets” — more Internet copy? What a laugh. Were you actually a writer before DMS? Sure you were. Maybe one day you can graduate to the big-boy world of nonephemera.

      But that might mean you would have to deal personally with an employer . . . and it’s clear in your case that wouldn’t work in your favor.

      If you’re gone, good for you. That also means that about three-quarters of the posts on this dying site are also gone. Except for the folks left in the forums who chat about gaming etc.

      DSS = Lonelyhearts club.

      • You're strange & confused.

        “a pathetic loser who will continue to come around here”

        Thank you for conducting a clinic in irony. You are such an angry little troll. The bile backing up into your brain can cause cancer. We can only hope.

        Go back to editing your $4 articles, child. Stop projecting your jealousy onto people who found a better way to make a living than demand media. It’s not nearly as difficult as you might think.

        hen again, that presupposes you are capable of thought. As to the OP, good for her/him. Congrats.

        • Sure

          Back so soon? And hoping people get cancer? Wow. Glad to see you’re post-DMS life is working so well for you.

          DMS represents an extremely small percentage of my income. None of the rest of it is for online “publishers.”

          And you?

          • Sure

            And, yep, that “you’re” was just for you. Give you something else to gripe about.

          • Damn.

            You really are an unhappy person. People celebrate getting out of a content farm and all you can do is make snarky comments?

            To claim you aren’t jealous is to imply you protest too much.

            From any reasonable perspective, working anywhere as a writer or editor is preferable to the soul-sucking banality of content mills. Demand studios has a nearly six-year track record of exploiting a down market by paying subpar wages. Some people worked there because they needed reliable income. Some people worked there because the company represents low-hanging fruit.

            But to defend a place that would spit you out like a whim? “Sure,” you are either an unreasonable person, delusional, a DMS staffer, or all three.

            Regardless, anyone who is happy to get out of a situation she finds repellent is deserving of, at minimum, your silence. If you cannot be happy for someone who makes it over the wall and leaves behind this type of piecemeal work, well, I don’t know how you could possibly be helped.

            TL;DR? Stop being such a smarmy and plainly bitter asshole.

          • alls I have to say is

            Holy frijoles! What the devil is wrong with you “Sure”? I mean, gezus C. I CE’d for those creepoids too, but I don’t defend them. The war’s over lady/dude. Give it up. Show’s over. Go home.

          • Sure

            Look back at my comments here. Identify one single case of defense of DMS.

            “the big-boy world of nonephemera” — a dissing of online content.

            online “publishers.”

            Go ahead. Show me one defense of DMS.

      • JustAName

        The obsession, envy and jealousy are so painfully obvious.

        • Sure


          “Glad I had the opportunity to wipe my ass with ya, demand. Farewell, bitches! Goodbye whores!

          Up yours, Ritchie, Dick Lally and all you inbred content editors. Have fun playing in your own feces.”

          How many hundreds of posts have sounded like this at DSS? Not to mention spamming the comments box of every online article published in the tech or business press over the last six months? How much time and energy have gone into that?

          Now, talk to me about obsession. If I’ve responded to this jackass one time for every 20 of his posts in all the different forums, I’d be surprised.

          • I’m a certified cat toiled trainer and have successful trained millions of cats to crap in my hand afterwhich i wash it off in the DMS office kitchenette. As such, I feel qualified to answer all of your questions, even the secret ones you keep inside your head next to the fantasies of us putting our wieners in the toaster together, to wit: please come clothes shopping with me this weekend and tell me which socks make my hair look thicker. I will let you buy me a happy meal and tell me how sweet and adorable I am, even though, regrettably i am not your type. I will not pester you for a post-date blowjob, but is mutual teabagging totally off the table?

          • alls I have to say is

            Well, if your Rage is truly Against the Machine (online publishers), then the venom you spew at the folks posting here, who share a similar distaste for the destroyers of the human word, seems a tad bit misplaced.

          • Sure

            Rage? Venom? Spew?

            Your assessment of who is mired in rage, venom, and spew seems a tad bit misplaced given the history of postings here, but I do appreciate the effort.

            My problem is with a one-note Johnny — a tiresome and unimaginative one.

            I come here because the folks at DSS can, on occasion, make some passable points about DMS operations, even if they are often based in misinformation and half-truths. I get down in the muck with this poster because I’ve never seen another one who, stuck in a hole, continues to shovel — and who seems to have an endless capacity for self-humiliation.

            And I’m still waiting for proof of a defense I’ve made of DMS. I’ve seen some deflections, but no answers.

  • Happy New Year, Demand Studios CEs!

    Guess what, ladies? You’re still a bunch of incompetent, worthless dumbasses. Especially Gilligan.

    See notes:

    Fuck you.



  • Got to Hell Content Editors

    DIAF, all of you.

  • I cant believe you’ll would praise this idiot. What can we expect from bottom feeders. You’ll are just the shit on the bottom of the ocean. That is why you got the can. As for the small payouts that you constantly gripe about,get over it. MOVE THE FUCK ON BITCHES! LEARN SOMETHING NEW….ASS MUNCHES. MOVE ON!!!!!!

  • Richard Goldman

    You all suck. But it’s good comedic relief. Too bad our country, god bless it, has produced so many people who are wasting their lives with mindless posts and video games. Do something productive, you eels. At least I fought for my country; you guys would all be draft dodgers. Scum of the sub-earth.

  • Now It's Official

    Thread sucks.

  • please

    As if anyone at DSS is really who they say they are. Why would you waste your time sleuthing the real location of people who are so busy being super successful that they rack up hundreds of posts per week on a content mill bitch site? People who have nothing better to do than create sockpuppet accounts to stalk and converse with themselves.

  • The Sane One

    The debate is on… where can you find more herps per derp? In the DSS forum or in the comments with all of the people claiming to stalk the people in the forum?

    Place your bets.

  • Pablo

    Hey asswipe! Is no Berg. And I am goignto give you a very friendly piece of advice. Leave Berg alone pal, because I do not take kindlyto sub-humans messsing with people I like. This is not a threat buta very gentle and subtle warning! Also moron, that is a proxy! Stupid is as stupid does!

    • please

      I am going to give you a friendly piece of advice as well. If you’re going to make the completely unverifiable claim of being a CC philosophy teacher, you’d better make damn sure you can write in coherent sentences. I too have taught at CC (an equally unverifiable claim); hiring and retention are not so lax that someone like you could hold a post for very long. Please select a more plausible internet persona.

      • Pablo

        Just dumbing it down for you. I am no longer at a JUCO. I have a Post at a university. I am so sorry that I was writing in a hurry and didn’t worry about proper grammar. First, your not my provost so fuck off, you do not deserve a real effort. Second, I will gladly give you the posting and my location, simply tell me when you will be in my area and I will gladly let you tour the campus and show you around. It’s right on the way from the airport so it isn’t a big deal. Since you are so smart you should be able to pinpoint my location from my IP by thirty feet or so. Finally, people that spend time picking on grammar in posting when they don’t have the balls, or in your case crystalized disease ridden meat-curtains hanging to your knees, are the same folks that have been banned so many times they can’t troll on the inside. So please, go do the universe a favor and lay with some rusty razorblads on the freeway.

        Prof. Louden Klahr

  • Wow, just wow

    Brilliant work there. That IP address is a proxy sever. Moron.

  • great work

    With Mr. Mustard and a hammer? Keep at it, Sherlock.

    • great work

      Well, I’m also not berg, whoever that is, and whoever berg is might not have been hovering around the computer waiting for the next installment of your sleuthiness.

      Apparently if you don’t respond soon enough for my tastes on this floundering website, your arguments are moot.

  • AndyJ1

    I wasn’t pissed that I got fired. I didn’t get fired until later that evening, after two more forum posts.

    I was one of those LS writers that got screwed when they pulled the titles and Jordan lied his ass off about it. Then they did the whole first look thing and Jordan lied his ass off about it.

    Jordan is a corporate stooge and a lying sack of shit.

    I was over it and decided to go out in a blaze. Fuck them.

  • Happy holidays to you also, Patrick

    This thread doesn’t suck. Yet. But there’s time.

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