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SOPA Sucks

How to Kill the Interweb

Under the gun right now and I don’t know where any of our images are.

So here’s a pic of a grilled cheese sandwich.

Don’t let our interwebs get taken away.

I think we all know what happens when corporate lawyers start throwing their weight around.



  Our SOPA protest.

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  • “vs”? That’s the abbreviation of versus. If you’re trying to abbreviate version, use “v” or “ver” otherwise you sound like an ESL fag. See notes.

  • Au revoir, demand studios

    Finished my last article. I would like to state right here, for all the Demand corporate assholes reading this site, that I fucked you good. I fucked you thoroughly and completely, without flowers or chocolates. I fucked you before you could fuck me.

    I encourage every writer for that weasel-run company to do likewise.

    Woo-hooo: if the fuckos at demand media only knew the staggering quantity of gibberish I managed to slide past their moron content editors.

    How much? I’ll put it to ya this way:

    Paul Mann was an amateur.

    So go smoke a cigarette, Richie. For you have been fucked.


    • Paul Mann vs 3

      So, you’re vs 2 of Paul Mann? I’ll take vs. 3. I’m about to post my income in a few weeks after it’s all done and over with. I wrote shit for a shit company. They got what they deserved for treating their contractors like shit and letting idiot CEs treat their writers like garbage.

      Suck it, DMS.

    • Lancetard

      “For you have been fucked.”

      Correction — the people reading your articles have been fucked. I’m sure your family, friends and neighbors appreciate that. Demand is a shitty content mill, in part, because of writers like you. No one forced you write there. I can’t stand them, but never fucked the readers.

      • Eh?

        Correction: If you are reading eHow, you deserve whatever happens to you. Only a neglected child would use eHow.

        Demand wants to pay $15 for an article? They will only get $5 worth of effort. I gotta make a little profit.

        I never wrote anything that would result in harm to anyone. I wrote as fast as I could with the least amount of effort to pinch this shit past the damn-fool editors that awful company employs. I beat the fuckers at their own game. In fact, at least one of my articles is online, right now, and one of the steps reads:

        “Feed the monkey by peeling the banana longitudinally using a banana fork available from Banana Republic.”

        I did this just to see if the CE was illiterate or even trying. Never did find out the answer, but i got $15 and Demand got taught a lesson in exploitation, which it already excels at.

        So take your sanctimonious, self-righteous attitude and pound it up your ass. I never liked you, anyway.

        • Paul Mann vs 3

          Pretty much sums it up. Demand Studios exploited contractors by the thousands, but really, joke’s on them. They got exploited by people who were smart enough to figure out the system, spend less than 20 minutes on an article, and write shit to get around their dumbass CEs who didn’t care about content as much as they cared about proving a writer wrong and fucking them over for a few commas.

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