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The 2K Title Queue and New Sections

How to Toss One's Salad

Happy 2012, DSSer’s!!

Hope your holidays were a good one!

Just took a sneaky peek at the DMS queue and we’re edging down to the 2000 mark. I think it’s pretty safe to say that by midnight tonight the queue will be south of 2K.

What strange times we live in! Why, it seems like only a few days ago we had a queue full of 100,000+ titles, with over 500 variations on Tossing Someone’s Salad that could be whipped out in a matter of minutes by any seasoned DMS/DSSer.

Ahhhh, those were the days.

The other bit of news we saw was the introduction of the new “Sections” for writers. Apparently, even if you already have writing permissions, you’re going to have to apply AGAIN by submitting another writing sample.

Aaah, but rest easy, DSSers, because you know what? According to DMS staff, you can use your previously written eHow articles as evidence of your writing prowess.

It’s nice to know that some things never change.

So do we have any bets on when the queue is going to be empty?

No – even better – what’s going to be the LAST TITLE STANDING?!!!

Head over to the forum, if you haven’t already, and start leaving your answers there!!!


21 comments to The 2K Title Queue and New Sections

  • Spiderman

    Just got kicked to the curb after 18 months and 1,600 auto articles. I have the Gestapo Pete. G. to thank for that, after gunning for me for months upon months.

    The auto article database began at 12,500 about four months ago. Yesterday it hit about 7,400. It has been on a steady decline ever since, and once it’s exhausted, that will be the end of automotive–the very last Section to tank. LS was not the strongest Section there–Auto was, from my perspective.

    Their stock has remained tanked for over six months. The end is nigh. And I’m glad to see these pieces of shit get hosed in the end. I’ll do my best to spread the negative of this lying, misleading band of corporate thieves.

    See you hell, Pete. What goes around comes around, my friend.

  • Circling That Drain

    16 comments resulting from a posting of substance, maybe 3 on topic.

    4 contributors.

    1 conclusion:

    Thread sucks.

    And the next will be worse.

    • lol

      Funny how the comment threads on every post have the same pattern too. First comes a DSSer who tells DMS to DIAF, then comes Track Record to call the person a loser for posting here, then comes another DSSer to point out the hypocrisy in TR’s post, then it just degenerates from there with people impersonating each other.

  • DoneWithDMS

    DMS should just officially die already. That is all.

  • Sure

    What about me? I matter! Somebody talk to meeeeeeee!

  • Track Record (Not)

    The last title will be “How to Generate Traffic on a Boring, Irrelevant Website.”

    And no, Beavis and Butthead, I don’t mean eHow.

    • boo hoo easy target got made fun of

      I believe that should be “How to Generate Traffic on a Boring, Irrelevant Website that Demand Media Apologists and DMS Forum Zombies Cannot Peel Their Eyes from Because They Obsessively Check It Everyday to See if They Are Being Ridiculed by DSSers”

      You hate this site because people publicly called out your idiocy on the “private” z-forums, not because you disagree with anti-DMS posts here.

      I’m sorry you were made fun of here, but you only have yourself to blame for giving some of the more vicious posters ammunition. If you frequently find yourself the object of ridicule on forums and in real life, perhaps you should examine why you don’t fit in.

      • Track Record (Not)

        I hate this site because it’s full of sh*t. And honestly, do you think I care — even in the slightest — about what a bunch of cowardly, drooling morons think about anything?

      • Track Record (Not)

        Another thing about you idiots is your own “drinking the Kool Aid.” Like how anyone who is critical of this crowd must AUTOMATICALLY be sucking at Demand Media’s teat.

        Demand Media is a crappy company, period. This is a crappy website, period. Y’all are crappy people, period.

        • boo hoo easy target got made fun of

          Ok, so that confirms it, you’re one of the zombies that got made fun of. So which one are you? Tetedanslesetoiles, glorybug, patm, 60 bags of trash lady, booby juicer? I know it’s not ken, kjo or metallidolt, you’re posts are too coherent.

  • alls I have to say is

    Believe it or not, with Admiral Jordan at the helm of the Craptanic, I think the last title could very well be “Patrick you’re a Dumas,” which he’ll push into the system just after he kicks his grandmother in the knee and heads off to work.

    • Wow, I sure due miss the good old days of swapping virtual spit with the studio crue. boy those writers sure are a fun bunch and really kept me on my toes with their jibes–all in good fun.

      Congrats to Jordan on his promotion to stooge. I recently promoted myself to vice president of retardation in the old lair. My cat beat me for president in a close vote. 1 to 1. I should recount that, but I only know how to count backwards from -10 and my cat assured me that he counted correctly. He used to be a CE so I trust his wisdom in these matters.

      Hey jordan if your reading this, stop by my place to hang. We can trade knock knock jokes and prank call Kaitlyn, or maybe just put our weiners in the toaster at the same time. That would be rad!

  • Devil_youknow

    I don’t care, but that salad looks yummy. However the phrase about “tossing it” made me lose my appetite. : )

  • The last title standing will be the following: “Patrick, your a dumb, ass.”

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