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DSS Censors A**hat Comments

How to be Vlad

We’re getting dribs and drabs in here about Demand news, which sections are up, which are dead, what’s never coming back, and it doesn’t look good, at least for writers at Demand.

Demand stock, however, seems to be doing ok. It’s gone from a little under $6 back in February to over $9 in the past few days. Which seems strange, as the company has less product to offer than ever before.

So we were taking a read at some of the comments here and we noticed that the folks from Demand Studios Review had chimed in. Wanted to give them a tip o’ the pen.

While we were checking out the DSR site, we decided to follow up some of the other Demand Studios Writing sites and dropped in on the other DSS, Demand Studios Secrets.

That’s when we noticed that our name was popping up in the forums there. Not just popping up, but we had an entire forum dedicated to us!

The original post, from Vlad, mentioned the fact that we were censoring comments. Which we were, because things we’re getting way out of hand. We kept trying to direct the commenter(s) over to the forum, because that’s what that software is built for. We had over 50 comments at one point. By the way, what little money we make, isn’t from the ads in the Forum, it’s from the ones on the front page where the comments are.

Anyhoo…..we noticed that the original post on the DS Secrets forum back in February was made by a user, “Vlad”.

Shortly after the original comment censoring scandal, we turned the comments back on and let everyone go about their merry business.

Until about a week ago, when some a**clown started trolling in the comments again.

We took a look at the logs and discovered it was pretty much one guy, coming from one IP address, pretending to be a bunch of different people. So, instead of engaging in collective punishment, we just banned that one IP address,. We didn’t say anything about it.

So here’s what pops up, just a few days later, in the Demand Studios Secrets forums from a user named Vlad:

Patrick O’Dare, aka Jennifer (I’ll redact her real, full name) apparently can’t stand the heat in her own kitchen. She is now in her SECOND censorship crackdown. As before, it stinks of hypocrisy, given how much vitriol she’s spat at DMS over the years for doing exactly the same thing.

Hmmm. How did this user know that we’d banned comments? The only way they’d know this is if they came from that IP and tried to comment. Nice try Vlad.

Word of advice. No one cares. Get a new hobby.

Or, even better, since you like to read your own writing so much, start your own website. is still available.

10 comments to DSS Censors A**hat Comments

  • Never Surprised

    I’ve read his comments over there for a while. He’s too sane to be one of the usual nut cases, but he does have a thing for DSS. He was a serial DMS basher, but then also complained about the DMS bashers without naming DSS (in the beginning). So, that was kind of schizo. I don’t think he’s thebesig or Jeremy or any of the regular trolls here, but he was pretty self-important over there. But, like I said, too many of his posts over there were borderline sane for him to be one of the aforementioned looneys.

    • Actually...

      It’s the same whack-job. The rhetoric is virtually identical everywhere this fucko goes. His obsession with licking balls is one obvious giveaway.

      He was kicked out of DMS for incompetent writing — which really takes some doing. He’s been on a bender ever since, foaming at the mouth about anything and everything related to dms, critics of dms, critics of dms critics — actually, who the hell knows what’s on his mind?

      He’s military. If his C.O. found out about him, they would put him in the psych ward double-quick.

      Mostly though, he’s just an amusing idiot-troll.

  • Unquestionably...

    It’s that lunatic in Virginia Beach who occasionally calls itself Thebesig or its nom de plume, “Jerome.”

    It likes talking to itself. It can be fun to watch, occasionally, the way you might rubberneck a bad traffic accident in which Thebesig and one of his fellow morons collide head-on.

    But, really, the little creature just likes to hear itself rant. Imagine a hobgoblin jumping up and down or a particularly ill-tempered two-year-old pitching a fit and you’ve got the general idea. This particular creature wants desperately to fit in, to be recognized and acknowledged, but the truth is the creature is just another demand media castoff. An embittered reject clamoring for attention and providing only entertainment, instead. I would not be surprised if he goes on a rampage one day in an impotent fit of rage over being a laughingstock who is taken seriously by no one.

    BurnCEs is spot on: TheBesig is insane.

    I know you are reading, Jerome. You just can’t help youself. LOL.

    Blog away, you little nutjob.

  • BurnCEs

    Yes, it’s the deranged Thebesig. He wasn’t intelligent or eloquent enough to hold his own in the main forum, so lurked here trolling the ass off the comments page. Very amusing that he’s now been banned from here, too.

    • Yo, Burn.

      I’ve got $20 says the idiot besig is riding on his bicycle all over Virginia Beach, using free Wi-Fi at every McDonald’s he can find just to click the “dislike” buttons on this page.

      • BurnCEs

        Wouldn’t surprise me at all. He’s just such a Big Girl’s Blouse.

      • Unsurprised

        Judging from the voting patterns around here, I’d say that describes what you are doing. I don’t believe for a second 20 people care about any of this crap, let alone 10 one way and 10 another.

  • Devil_youknow

    I had to take a quick peek over there. But from what I can tell it pretty much seems to be the one guy Vlad talking to himself.

    I imagine he must be pretty lonely.

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