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CE Hoarding Ban Lifted?

How to hoard articles.

This dropped in the mailbox.

Usual disclaimers apply.

Yep. We’re lazy. 

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the Demand requirement that its CEs edit articles as they claim them was tacitly lifted about two months ago, leading to massive and systemic hoarding of articles by CEs who are encouraged by this new “wink wink” from Santa Monica to sit on articles and then edit them minutes before or well past the pay cutoff deadline.

If you’re like many Demand writers, 100 percent of your articles are picked up within minutes or seconds (literally) of submission, then sit for days. OK, maybe one gets edited later that same day, but for the most part, your articles are not being edited as they are claimed.

Of course, when a level-headed writer like Will Charpentier laments the fact that this is happening (, we get a CE-apologist cunt like SEI actually patronizing us by “explaining” that sometimes, a CE claims an article and is interrupted during the editing process! “Things sometimes happen that are out of the editor’s control. Family emergencies, computer viruses.”

Seriously? 100 percent of the time that Demand CEs grab articles their laptops malfunction, aliens land on their front lawns and turn off their power, their cat spills Yahoo on their keyboard or their children go into seizures and have to be rushed to the hospital? 100 percent of the time? You fucking bitch – stop insulting writers. And it’s not whining about nickels and dimes. Do you know how many times writers have had hundreds of dollars worth of articles slip past the cutoff period, Jeremy Reed?

It’s laughable when Helpless Desk staffers tell writers, “Richard and Eve side with writers as often as CEs.” There’s no way they can’t know about this rampant CE hoarding. If they really cared about writers getting screwed, they’d have the IT department create a program that showed the time between when a CE claimed an article and when he submitted it, ranking CEs so that Demand could see who was hoarding. When a CE edits most of his articles one or two days after he claims them, he gets a suspension, automatically triggered by the system. At the very least, Demand could check the ranking list weekly to see who’s abusing the claim queue, Martha Flores.

Just another example of Demand favoring CEs over writers while screwing writers by withholding their earned income until the next pay period. Maybe it’s just good business – the later Demand pays its writers, the longer it earns interest on the money it owes them.

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  • Here is the Thing

    Were he a CE or working for the UnHelpful Desk, Patrick would be the laziest, most incompetent, pettiest and most tyrranical of them all. Worse than Dirk Cable in that loser’s worst fantasies.

    So would most of the regulars here. Look at how they behave. Tell me I’m wrong.

    • Right On

      You got that right. Seriously.

    • Anti-KK

      Yeah, take Kathy Kindred. It seems to me that between half and a third of the regulars are gullible enough to buy her shite, but the truth is pretty obvious. She was a writer for a long time and she signed up as a CE to make extra money. She claims to be this big rebel, but that’s full of it like everything else she says. I bet she dumped buckets of crap on writers in a desperate try at keeping her job, and only had her big public meltdown when she realized she was going to get sacked anyway.

      Don’t believe me? We know she’s been willing to drag writers just like you guys through the mud for no other reason than to satisfy her insecure little ego. Why wouldn’t she send back a BS rewrite just to look good to Eve?

  • DontGiveAFLIP

    1. This is old news. They have been hoarding for months now with no official response.

    2. Get a Life was correct on every count. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s CEs stockpiling.

    3. Refer back to 1.

    • Can anyone explain

      GetaLife describes CEs claiming articles they have no intention of editing, with an eye on the clock so that they can then abandon the articles in such a way that their actions inflict maximum damage on the writers’ checkbook.

      Did I get that right?


      Did that scare you?

  • Can anyone explain

    1. Why CEs would benefit from sitting on articles until the last minute, presuming they do? People generally act in their own self-interest.

    2. Why, if CEs are still returning the articles within the allotted time, is there even an issue here?

    A CE picks up an article and has until a certain time to act on it. If the CE uses every bit of that time and you don’t like it, you really don’t have a damn thing to say about it.

    So, yeah, in addition to paranoid and illogical, you’ve got some serious control issues.

    • Getalife

      You should have read the post before you replied.

      1. Why CEs would benefit from sitting on articles until the last minute, presuming they do? People generally act in their own self-interest.

      Because this lets them keep articles from other other CEs who would otherwise claim them, so they can have them around in case they decide they have time to edit them later.

      2. Why, if CEs are still returning the articles within the allotted time, is there even an issue here?

      The issue is that CEs are claiming articles they have no intention of editing at that time, sitting on them until AFTER the pay cutoff. Some people would like the $300 they earned paid to them on Tuesday, instead of Friday, or this week, instead of next.

      Yes, CEs have “a certain time to act on it” because OCCASIONALLY they get interrupted. The time they’ve been given was never intended to let them claim and stockpile articles because they might want to edit them later. Some of these CEs let these articles expire and go back into the queue. They are taking work from other CEs who are ready to edit, resulting in the writer getting no chance to rewrite before pay cutoff and/or be paid earlier.

      You really see nothing wrong with a CE who claims articles he may or may not edit later, and who consistently lets articles sit until after the pay cutoff or sends them back for a rewrite minutes before pay cutoff because that’s when he does his editing? You don’t see the sense in asking CEs to claim as they work? If you’re not going to work on a title, why claim it? Because it’s in your “self interest” to hoard it. Turn it around: what’s you’re argument for a CE claiming an article he has no intention of editing at that time?

      So, let me explain it to you, as you’ve requested — it’s common and professional courtesy.

      • I Smell LOSER!

        Like professional or courteous could ever describe you. Loser and petty for sure, hypocrite and liar probably, maybe paranoid and retarded too.

        As if any of you howler monkeys knows anything about anything…

      • Can anyone explain

        If this comes down to being paid on Friday vs. Tuesday for work completed — and that’s really what it sounds like, going back to Will’s forum post — you need to wake up to what freelancing in the real world is like. I mean, seriously. When the entire process is finished, writers and editors get paid. Simple as that.

        The writers here don’t seem to understand, and never have, that no CE in his or her right mind would play the games that people here think CEs play . . . for $4 or $5.

        The paranoia is thick here.

        • Free of DMS Bull$hit

          The key point you make is whether any significant number of CEs — at any given time — are in their right mind.

          My fleeting experience with DMS is that most CEs are embittered losers who got shitcanned from lousy weekly newspaper jobs and are now taking it out on the world. DMS was good for about six months of easy cash, then I logged out and never looked back. Very unpleasant place to earn a buck.

        • Getalife

          “The paranoia is thick here.”

          The stupid is even thicker.

          If you’re not going to edit an article when you claim it, then why claim it? Because you are playing a game (grabbing easy articles you’ll edit later when you have time). Yes, we know we’ll eventually get paid, but who are you to decide that we don’t need to be paid this week and that we’re whiners if you we don’t appreciate you preventing other CEs from editing and approving our articles quicker?

          It’s just common courtesy not to grab someone’s wallet and hold on to it for a few days. Geeze, lighten up.

  • The Happy Hack

    Seems everything from hang nails to demonic possession await a CE every time they pick up a title.
    You would think they would learn to just leave the titles alone and escape the horrors.

  • Sam

    So DM is delaying payments to collect interest? Do you have any idea how birther-stupid and paranoid that sounds.

    DM is full of lies. Being a pathological liar is a job requirement. If Lally said the sky was blue, I would go check, just to be sure something hadn’t happened.

    But you suckwads? You arent just liars. You’re sicko losers too.

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