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Demand Studios Proves They Still Suck

How to Write for Demand

Hey DSSers,

We’re still here.

How are things at your end?

This piece of mail just popped into the DSS mailbag. Thought it was pretty funny and pretty much sums up everything that’s going on right now.

Thought you might like to know that I just got turned down by DS.

I am a commercially published (Random House) author of a non fiction book on contract law. Apparently, however, I don’t make the DS grade.

No wonder people say DS sucks – and I can only imagine what their writers are offering their clients.

New name for them: Downward Spiral!

13 comments to Demand Studios Proves They Still Suck

  • A Veterinarian

    I am a veterinarian with 30 years in practice and I thought it might be fun to try writing for DMS. I have been published in print just a few times, have a blog for my practice, have done several paid writing projects for websites and nonprofits, and DO in fact know how to write.

    DMS turned me down flat for writing for their Pets Section. I see from the comments that I am not the only qualified expert who has been slapped in the face by these clowns.

  • Nancy McCarter

    So I applied to Demand Studios in September, and decided to follow up this week (Nov. 25, 2012). They have not had a chance to review my application. Seriously? What a bunch of slackers 🙂

  • MJM

    I was just turned down by them, too. The amusing thing is that some of their Ehow articles list articles that I’ve written as the source.

  • Jenny Jen M.

    Suckheads are so frigging stupid even Ken Crawford looks like a Noble Prize winner by comparison.

    • LOL

      Besig, you ignorant inbred fuck:

      It is “Nobel Prize.”

      Goddamn, but you are a prime idiot. Go back to crashing airplanes, Jeremy. Do that thing with your military-issue pistol, skippy: jam it up your ass and massage that trigger.

      You put the “fun” in dysfunctional, you psychotic fruit,

      • Jeremy Briggs

        Stop picking on me! I am a published riter with gud skillz. And I like to play with myself while watching animal porn.

        I cain;t help it if I don’t know my ass from a hole in the ground or what a noble prize is. You mean, it ain’t like an honorable or gand prize?


  • jonny cockwad

    It’s funny that Demand is so stringent on hiring, yet if you read half the articles on Ehow, etc. they are filled with errors and 3rd world writing style. Demand is a joke and they can go fuck themselves with their dogshit 3rd world pay.

  • Joe

    *Agree with Sorry’s first paragraph. The second is more douchey than the original letter.

  • Joe

    Yeah, agree with Sorry. Sounds like a pompous douche that was so incensed by being turned down, he had to write in to make himself feel better. And his letter brings absolutely no new insight or funny to the table. DMS doesn’t have grade A hiring practices? Wow! What stone is this investigative reporter going to turn over next?!

    If he’s such a celebrated author, what’s he doing applying for DMS to begin with, especially in these dark days? Moving on.

  • Sorry

    I feel ZERO remorse for this writer. He/she is a published author and applied for this position. Maybe he/she can’t write how to… articles. Maybe their links sucked. Maybe they were not a good fit. Who knows, who cares. This writer felt that that they had to send an email to DMSSucks…Why? Makes no sense. You are just another disgruntled writer. They didn’t like you. Get over it!

    I have written articles for 100.00, 125.00, 500.00. I am a prolific writer with over 1000 of articles on the web and a full-time job. I like writing for DMS. I like 25.00 to my paypal account per article. I like the coffee money. I give quality tech articles on this site. I have no beef. I just recently had an article rejected; it pissed me off for 10 minutes. I got over it. I didnt post it to a forum or bitch to dmssucks. Be a MAN! Roll with the punches.

    We all die. Go to church!

    • Wish Demand Would Hire Better

      “This writer felt that that they had to send an email to DMSSucks…Why?”

      To keep reminding the public that Demand Media Studios regularly disqualifies experts from its writer pool while allowing those with little or no subject knowledge to provide the public with incorrect and sometimes dangerous information. There are many examples (DMS forum posts) showing that long-time writers for the company with extensive expertise are being rejected from specific channels. If they aren’t good writers, why are they being kept on at Demand for years?

      Why reject an attorney from Legal Zoom or a veterinarian from Pets or a restaurant chef from Food or a nurse from Fitness if they’ve proven they can write for you? Why let people with no expertise in their Demand bios (which must contain your background if you want to write for a certain section) continue to “research” information to create articles on topics with which they have no familiarity?

      Demand is a significant supplier of the world’s information now, so it’s not a bad idea to remind the public that the info the company is providing is poor.

  • The Happy Hack

    I feel for the author of that email. They wasted their time filling out the application.

    DMS is not a place for writers. Never has been. It’s just a place to earn a quick buck from a company that thought it was going to earn a quick buck. Always has been.

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