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Farewell First Look

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How to Spot Shitty Articles

I know this may come as a shock to many of you DSSers out there, but it looks like Demand Media has finally dropped the vaunted “First Look” program.

For those of you new to the site – some of the forum members jokingly floated the idea of a “Demand Select” queue back a few months ago.

Everyone was pretty surprised when it actually came true.

Now, however, sadly, the First Look is no more. I guess that also means, for those of you who are left, that there’s no reason to try and keep your grammar and research scores up anymore, other than trying to keep from getting laid off.


Hello writers,

We wanted to acknowledge all of the hard work you have been putting into the Studio. Over the past few months, there have been a lot of changes as we work to bring on more content partner sites. In just six short months, we have opened up seven new channels in partnership with sites like AZ Central, The Nest, and Radio Shack, and we are working with even more sites that should be coming online very soon.

As a thank you for your patience over the past few months while we worked to perfect our Topic Sections and new application and editorial processes, we will no longer continue the First Look program. With all of our writers now going through the same vetting process, we believe that all writers should have the same access to new assignments as they come into the Find Assignments queue.

We sincerely hope this will help our community of dedicated writers gain access to more writing opportunities within the Studio.

Best regards,

Demand Media Studios Editorial Team

16 comments to Farewell First Look

  • Another One Bites the Dust

    Check out the SuckForum – the Suckwads are running scared because someone is auditing the systematic fraud they call “work.” ROTFLMAO!!!

  • DMS Ex-Zombie

    I’m surprised at how many people here are talking shit about DSS and Patrick, now that the bloodbath’s stopped and the DMS Zombies are feeling like top-shelf hot shit again.

    The next time shit hits the fan over at DMS, expect these same people to come crying, if they haven’t already started turning tricks or offed themselves out of sheer despair.

    • IPFreely

      Seems to me that the great purges hit the DSS Zombies, aka Suckwads, at least as hard as the DMS Zombies. In other words, both groups suck equally, and neither represented “the best writers” at DMS.

      Go look in the Forum – some of your diehard, hater survivors are lining up, eager to suck at DMS’s teat now that milk flows freely from it again. Get into hypocrisy and self-loathing much?

      And can’t you get it through your concrete skull, bozo? A person can think Demand Media sucks ass, and still think you guys suck even worse. That is actually the most mature conclusion, most intelligent possible, even if trolling you isn’t necessarily so 😛

    • Besig

      Admit it suckzombie. You lust after my brain. I can’t say I blame you. In a room full of me and a bunch of suckzomies,I am not just the only one with a brain worth eating. I am also the only one who isn’t a bag of rotting meat.

  • teeeheeeee

    Now, writers can get access to the three extra articles hidden by first look. Way to go guys! You’re special!

  • Never Surprised

    Thanks for proving about DSS and paranoia.

    You do realize a couple of this website’s smarter regulars proved the existence of First Look in DSS’s own forum with a comparison experiment?

    For his part, Patrick can’t even keep “eHow Select,” a hoax first perpetrated in his own forum, distinct with First Look. It’s so impressive, how that guy knows his own business.

    • Sam

      You expect consistency from this lot? Asking for sanity is a bit much around here.

    • The Enigmatic Jack

      ‘Hoax’ is an awfully strong word; ‘eHow Select’ was originally conceived as a joke aimed at some of the DSS posters. Patrick had nothing to do with it, nor did any other DSS admin. I should know since I’m the guy who came up with it.

      You’re right about this blog getting it completely wrong though. The post doesn’t even get the name of it right. EHow Select was supposed to be an invite-only special section that paid more than standard eHow and had better titles. It’s not even that far-fetched since Demand does similar special projects from time to time that they invite people to via email. The joke was aimed at some of the more braindead members of DSS who always talk shit but jizz their pants when new titles drop (see also the people who ‘quit’ Demand and were so happy about it until titles came back, now they’re comparing sections and using the ‘easy money’ excuse.) It became a big thing when some of them started emailing Demand trying to get in and either they posted on the Demand forum for more info or people who read the DSS forum saw it and asked about it over there. Before you know it there’s an official announcement and everything.

      I think some people did try and make it seem related to First Look at one point, but the original joke was just a special section thing that wasn’t even intended for anybody in the Demand forum.

      • Devil_youknow

        I have to admit, eHow Select was a good one. It was believable and the whole she-bang was well done. Wish I could re-read that thread again.

        Kudos to you.

        • The Enigmatic Jack

          The funny thing is, nobody seemed to notice at first when it was most believable. Then somebody else (can’t remember who) picked up on the fact that I was making it up and started chiming in as well. The more unbelievable it got, the more people fell for it. The pay even changed at one point and nobody seemed to notice. I made a screencap of the blue banner at Demand as a keepsake.

          • Getalife

            What made it even better was when Kent Ninomiya of Demand Studio Secrets confirmed (via his inside sources) at his website that it DID exist.

  • Mark

    First Look never existed.

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