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DMS Bonus Program – Time to Get Pizzzzzaiiid, Ya’ll!!!

raining money

How to Make Cash Money, Ya’ll!

Seeing as how we don’t have access to the treasured grove of Demand goodness anymore, we’re currently relying on the goodness of you insiders to provide us with the latest juicy tidbits from inside the Demand Machine.

And you guys delivered!

Couple of extra items here, both from the intrepid team of DSS on-the-spot reporters.

Message Body:
Just in case no one sent you the latest and greatest from DMS, here’s a copy. It’s interesting to note there are currently over 30,000 assignments (at least in my queue anyway) waiting to be picked up. Me thinks this might just be the reason for the bonus program. (ppl are actually gushing their “thanks” on the forums) .

The email:

Dear Writers,

We hope you all enjoyed your summers.  Now as you ease back into your fall schedules we’d like to offer a fun promotion for all writers to participate in.

Complete 10 approved articles starting today (9/20) thru Thursday 9/27, and you will receive a $30 bonus!  And there’s more.  For every article after your tenth, you will earn an additional $3 per approved article.

Articles can be for any site and must be approved by 11:59 PDT on Thursday September 27th.  Articles submitted prior to today will still count if approved during the promotional period.  Bonus payments will be issued with one week of the end of the promotion.

If you have additional questions, please visit this forum thread.

Log in to view your current or claim new assignments.

Not seeing any assignments in your queue?  Make sure you are approved for at least one of the Writing Sections.  To see all sections and apply – visit your account tab.

We hope you all enjoy this bonus!

Demand Media Studios Team

And this is a followup to the earlier post about upping the DMS level of snarkiness:


Thank you for taking the time yesterday to tune in to our Voice & Style conference call for TheNest Woman and TheBump. We did record the presentation for those of you unable to attend. To view the recording, please click here:

It was a pleasure “speaking” with you all yesterday, and I hope you found the conference call helpful.

21 comments to DMS Bonus Program – Time to Get Pizzzzzaiiid, Ya’ll!!!

  • The Sane One

    So you’re essentially gossiping about someone and accusing them of being a gossip. And showing how much you know about someone you’ve never met by saying he knows everything about everything.

  • oblivious one

    Really? Dang, I never would have guessed.

  • Charley Daniels Who Is Extremely Funny

    I thought they were all Lysis.

  • Typical

    More sour grapes in the DSS Forum, as yet another loser DSS zombie bitches about a content farm (Textbroker this time) puts out a call for high-ranked writers to do special projects. Anyone who knows this crowd also knows that is code for “Waaaa! I’m a shitty two-star writer who can’t cut the mustard and I’m pissed oooffff!”

    Cry my a river, wanker boy.

    • Oh, poor Jeremy

      Still projecting your neuroses, Briggs? You sad little besig. Gone off your meds again.

    • Devil_youknow

      Idiot. I’m a 5. But I know better than to write for Textbroker anymore.

      • Charley Daniels Who Is Extremely Funny

        I prefer a nice head fuck.

      • Carol Beryl

        Well using your reason, Typical, why would anyone believe YOU?

        I don’t know who you are and I don’t know why you have a problem with this site. I lurk about once or twice and your comments are always stupid, rude and they make no sense.

        Why are you here if you hate everyone? Do you not have a life you can get to?

        What. a. weirdo!

      • Charley Daniels Who Is Extremely Funny

        Only a 5? You should get a nose job and take more baths. I am an 8. I will be a 9 when my breast implants settle.

    • The Sane One

      I’ve always wondered… why is it that the people who seem to hate DSS the most have the most comments on the blog and know everything that happens in the forums?

      • Oh, poor Jeremy

        Pvt. Briggs — you are a funny boy. Seldomn have we enjoyed such laffs. Yopu are certifiable, skippy-boy. Whacking off into your own feces while watching your eyes go round-and-round in the mirror. Pure comedy. Besig.

        You spend mor time on this site than the owners. Dumbass.

    • The Sane One

      Wait, you mean people actually liked Patrick? I thought that it was Richard everybody liked. Did I have them backwards?

  • Jayne

    Did anybody ever find out whether CEs got the bonus only for approved/rejected articles or for rewrites? Knowing DMS, rewrites counted for CEs, even though only approved articles counted for writers.

  • Charley Daniels Who Is Extremely Funny

    I prefer implosion. It happened to the universe this one time when I uninstalled Paint.

  • Ceryl Beryl

    Really “In Hell?” Where? Where is this happening on DSS? I don’t see it.

    Oops, only see it over there. And it’s going to be fun to watch on Sept. 27. ; )

    • The Sane One

      Just look for the squirrel’s posts. Pretty much all of them are whining and bitching about articles and rewrites.

      • Charley Daniels Who Is Extremely Funny

        Squirrels need nuts. Squirrelly did not gargle enough balls. Dunk you sack in his throat if you want him to shut up, otherwise give me a sponge bath. Please use the sponge I carved into the shape of Jordan’s plush lips.

  • Sanity Cruzer

    Ha! Too true, dude.

  • In Hell

    Watch that place explode? Hell, I’ll watch THIS place explode with whining, winging zombies bitching about pending articles and rewrites.

  • Devil_youknow

    Watch the place explode on Sept. 28 with zombs whining about how their articles were still in pending or with editor and they missed the deadline.

    Fireworks I tells ya. Fireworks.

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