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Time for a New Post – And More Snark


How to Look Like a Commenter Nerd

Yes. It’s me, P-dawg. We’re still keeping an eye on things here. Basically it’s hard to write about stuff, mostly because everyone has been fired from Demand. There’s still some action in the forums, if you care to poke your head over there.

Before I post these blurbs that some kind enough DSS writers were helpful enough to send in, let me just address the lame ass commenter guy.

Look dude -you’re a young man. You’re smart enough to know how to change your IP address so you can keep commenting after we ban you. You have a promising career in the military.

You’ve got a lot of positive things going for you.

So, why in the hell do you spend your time, not only leaving comments on a blog that – according to you, nobody cares about – and, beyond that, but comments that you have to route through another IP?

You’re REALLY going out of your way to leave a comment that might be up for an hour or two before Richard or I or Eve ban it.

Who’s the REAL loser here?

Go outside. Run in the grass barefoot. Eat a peach. Kiss a girl/guy – whatever floats your boat.

In short, have a life.

Anyway, now that’s out of the way, let’s hear about how disappointing the snark that Demand is getting out of you writers.

Thanks to DSS’er “me” for this snarky update.

Come on, people!!!

= = =

We have two important announcements for The Bump.

After reviewing the recently submitted articles for this site, we wanted to remind all writers that articles for The Bump must be written in a conversational and relatable tone. Articles should also be cheeky and fun, when possible. As stated in our guidelines and in the recent webinar, we recognize there’s not always an opportunity for humor or lightheartedness with some of these topics. All we ask is that you use your creativity to incorporate as much of’s voice as possible.

We have instructed copy editors to ask for this voice in rewrite requests if the content is bland or clinical. That being said, they are to reject articles for voice reasons only if the writer has clearly disregarded the rewrite request and the guidelines.

Our second important update is that we have more clearly defined the age group for toddlers. From this point forward, all your articles must be about children ages 2-5. No children older or younger than this should be the topic an article. Please keep in mind that all articles must be written to the specific audience of mothers of children ages 2-5, not general readers. From this point on, if you submit articles that do not meet this requirement, we will reevaluate your permissions for the Parenting Section.

Best wishes,

Dumb Ass Commenter Dude, Content Channels Editor for The Bump


3 comments to Time for a New Post – And More Snark

  • yeah thanks to dss i a very big help .

  • P. Gonzalez

    You’re as stupid and paranoid as that Jeremey Briggs character, but twice the loser. Go suck your right testicle, assmuncher.

  • Captain T

    Here’s some snark for ya:

    Your old pal neK, of Freelancer Today infamy, is now manager of a greasy spoon restaurant in northern California, where he cooks hamburgers and something unappetizingly called “Ken’s taters.”

    Guess the online writing-guru thang began and ended with Demand Studios for know-it-all neK.

    Bring some ketchup to the table, bitch.

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