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Demand Studios Sucks in Spanish, too!

Nobody expects eHow to pay well!

Nobody expects eHow to pay well!

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You think Demand sucks? Pity the poor workers south of the border.

Fifteen dollars an article not enough? How about $2?

Yep. That’s what e-How Espanol workers make for translating our (excuse me, your) crappy articles.

Sure, we could have put this graphic together in Photoshop, but you see how often we blog on here.

Do you think we’re really going to spend that much time on something like this?

Take it away…..


I’m writing to you to let you know what the studio does to us Latin American workers.

First of all, we are paid US$2 dollars for each translation, including features and all topics.

How to Suck en Espanol.

How to Suck en Espanol.

We need to accomplish a weekly goal of 30 translations, but they do not post new content and we have to spend hours studying specialized content, because normal eHow articles are gone.

Of course we have no benefits such as social security here, no bonuses and no response whatsoever from the staff team when we send emails to ask something.

I translated an ebook for them recently, I had to do it in five days, and I submitted it on 8th january.

I wrote them many times to check if it was approved and I am still waiting for an answer.

Here’s a closer look at what our amigos are being asked to translate….

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