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Layoffs to Continue Until Morale Improves

How to Fire People

Hey kids,

Well, the Demand Media Studios news is flying fast and furious this week.

Hard for us to even keep up!

On a housekeeping note, I’ve also noticed that some of our “Demand Links” over to the side have passed on to that digital graveyard in the Matrix. Check out the link for Demand Studios Secrets – it’s some German web page about appetite suppressants!

Here’s a link to the archive page for Demand Studios Secrets. If you don’t remember, the site was founded by a former Demand employee Kent Ninomiya who was selling a book for $29.95 giving you the secrets to making big money with Demand.

Maybe he should send a copy of the book to Mr. Special Grilled Cheese?

Oh dear. We’ve never even dug into Mr. Demand Secrets but it looks like he might have gotten up to some of the Devil’s Bidness a few years back!!! 

Heaven’s above, I don’t think even Giff would have pulled off something as sordid as that!

Tip o’ the pen to DSS regular “BurnCEs” who pointed out the Demand story.

Demand Media Lays Off 15 in Wake of CEO Exit (Exclusive)

Just days after Rosenblatt, who was one of the founders of the Santa Monica-based digital-media company announced he was stepping down, all 15 members of the research and development unit at the company were laid off, including chief innovation officer Byron Reese, according to sources.

Wow. Fired right off the bat? Couldn’t they have put them through some kind of probation period? If Demand only had something like that set up…..

3 comments to Layoffs to Continue Until Morale Improves

  • ehowlica

    Is eHow offline for everybody or just me? US, UK, BR, ES websites are down, such as the DM admin. =O

  • The Sane One

    Do I detect a bit of envy here?

    Let’s face facts: Ninomiya was recruited by DM to be their poster boy and give them street cred. When they weren’t giving him the spotlight, he went off and did his own thing to cash in. So big-f*cking-what? It’s called “entrepreneurship,” his advice was a lot more sensible than anything ever found on this website, and when DM ceased to be an easy gold-mine, he moved on.

    He offered a decent product, wasn’t a drooling misanthrope, made his money and moved on to the next thing. In other words, he was totally the opposite of a certain loser who runs DSS who seems to find something worthy of mockery in all of that…?

  • Water's Fine

    Good title to this article. Very Onion-y.

    But wait. Demand has/had a research and development section? And an innovation officer?

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