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Demand Studios About to Close – But Will it Reopen?

door shuttingToday is the day everyone!

If you didn’t hear the news, at 5PM PST, Demand Studios will shut its virtual doors:

Hello everyone,

We recently announced that the Studio would be on vacation while we celebrate the December holidays. We wanted to share some additional details to help everyone plan accordingly.

The Studio site will be unavailable starting Wednesday, December 18 at 5PM PT, through Thursday, January 2 at 8AM PT. During this time, you will not be able to log in to the Studio system.

However, not to worry, as usual the DMS forums are full of helpful tips for getting through this difficult time:

 Seven days is still next Thursday — after the Studio closes, but as I had hoped to take a screenshot of my queue and work on it off the site during the break, i too am concerned about this. I don’t want any more surprises this holiday season!  

Things aren’t looking good, queue wise. Little birdies tell us that some of the mighty queues, which had upwards of 100,000 articles at one point, are down to as little as 2,000 or less.

So the question is, will the Studio reopen and, if so, what kind of a brave new DMS are we going to see in 2014?

Any predictions out there?

16 comments to Demand Studios About to Close – But Will it Reopen?

  • Ralph Bunche

    Even juicier tidbit about the Demand CE from Miami. She attacked writers in Miami, just as she does now for Jessica Noah at Demand. Only she got suspended in Miami. She resurrected herself at Demand!
    “Know Your Florida Media People”

  • Ralph Bunche

    Here is what one of their top editors, Jean Carey, has been up to! She is now BIG TIME at Demand. She failed at a regular print paper but is up to the same old tricks at Demand.
    “Three Miami New Times staffers suspended over blog flap”

    • fact checking

      Dateline of the article is 2005. This is what she’s been up to . . . nine years ago?

      • Ralph Bunche

        Yep, that is what she was up to before working at Demand.

        Not sure of your point.

        Check this out people. A Demand CE harasses writers. Probably lies to get the job at Demand. Yet, “fact checker,” has no problem with that.
        And, what “fact” is she checking. This is stupid.

        Oh, wait, it’s HER! I bet it is HER! It’s the CE! LOL

  • Ralph Bunche

    They sent out an email asking certain writers to merge their Facebook profiles with their Demand profile. Not sure how many people got the email. I do know one who did not participate got fired four days after the December 4 deadline to join.

    Something is up. However, my bet is that they will pretend nothing has changed since doing otherwise would lead to discussion.

    Then, when all is quiet a few months later, they will lower the boom. Jessica Noah sends out a bunch of boiler plate emails claiming writer’s articles suddenly do not meet the Demand standard! I hear she has a BA in English but claims to be an expert at History, Sociology and Political Science. LOL

  • Derp

    I laugh when I see these Demandtards losing their shit over this closure. When things went south the first time, I had a slight semblance of a micron of a sliver of sympathy. Now, screw them. The fact that there are idiots still writing full time for that sweatshop is absolutely mind-boggling.

  • Screamin' Banshee

    In order to predict anything, we should determine the financial health of the company. Since Demand Media is a public company, anyone can easily verify the numbers below.

    Cash Reserves: $120 million
    That doesn’t include receivables, and it’s not one of those fudged accounting figures. Those are real dollars the company can put its fingers on today.

    Total Debt: 0
    The company has $120 million dollars in its coffers, and it doesn’t owe a penny to anyone.

    Approved Credit Line: $250 million
    That’s money they can call on if their reserves drop dangerously low. It doesn’t appear that the company is anywhere near that point.

    Another important number: 42
    The number of full-time positions the company is filling during the Christmas break.

    So, will Demand reopen on January 2? Place your bets.

    • The Sane One

      Shhhhh! Those are facts, and facts aren’t big around here. Putting facts in front of these people is a sure fire way to get banned!

    • Paging Dandy Don...

      As far as the company filling positions, they might be testing the market to see what they should be paying for current positions. They probably offered everyone obscene, “We’re a pre-IPO Silicon Valley startup!” salaries, perks and benefits and might be looking to trim the fat from 600 overpaid members of The Band. I suppose an analysis of those jobs could shed some light on whether or not the content side of the company is adding new positions and growing. Thanks for the other numbers, though.

    • lm

      But they had negative earnings in 3q 2013. If a business model isn’t earning, cash on had will only pay the bills that are leftover after the doors close. But I do hope that doesn’t happen! I know many people enjoy this work and rely on it to keep the wolves away.

      • The Sane One

        Drawing far-reaching conclusions on the basis of one isolated quarter is the sort of thing bottom-feeding hacks do.

        Of course, business journalism is full of bottom feeding hacks. Clearly your talent is wasted here, Im.

    • lm

      But determining financial health means analyzing potential profitability. Reserves and borrowing potential mean nothing if the company cannot earn new income. Can the DMS model turn a profit? Third quarter 2013 was paltry. Still, I sincerely wish the best for everyone. It’s a good gig.

  • Paging Dandy Don...

    I think this may have to do with the corporation splitting into two different companies. When we come back, the content side of DMS might have a new name and new game. Maybe revshare, maybe lower pay per articles, probably more emphasis on those writers with social media followings who can whore their demand articles to family, friends and followers. Whatever happens, Demand wont’ clean house in their editorial management office and the same crew who allowed unqualified CEs to put bad content on the Web while driving away quality writers will still be in charge. The large shareholders are saps for not demanding a housecleaning. I won’t be surprised if there are mass firings at headquarters, but it won’t be the ringleaders. Lederman and Lally will continue laughing all the way to the bank.

  • lm

    That being said. I always remind myself that a freelancer enjoys freedoms, but has ZERO security. Any job can fail to pay you. Any job can disappear overnight. Any job can totally suck and you don’t even have coworkers to commiserate with over the candy dish.

  • lm

    It’s definitely odd. (Yeah we need to “recharge” over the holidays! No, we need to earn money, as always.) I have my doubts that they will reopen.

  • Lorianne

    You’re kidding, right. These people who plan to work through the “vacation” are kidding themselves. What kind of online-based business needs to *shut down* completely for two weeks? This is the 21st century, people. My money says that DMS will be like so many other content farms that just went *poof* leaving writers in the lurch.

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