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They’re Back!

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How to Cover Your Failing Business

In all fairness, just as promised Demand Studios was back online this week.

From all reports, it looks like everything is back to normal, except that some of the queues are dipping perilously close to triple digits.

From one of the forum regulars:

It is good to be back, and good to know that DMS really did return to us.  I just hope that titles start appearing, because right now the queue looks as abysmal as it did right before the shutdown.  I know nobody was working though, so I realize that the titles will likely take a few days to go up.

For the sake of those relying on DMS to pay the rent, we certainly hope those titles start appearing soon….

7 comments to They’re Back!

  • Jane

    They have deteriorated since the break. Unqualified CE’s reject articles for actually answering a question accurately because they think the answer should be neutral even in light of the science. CE’s who can’t read a study, so they reject the research too. My first rejection, and all that work, for which they only pay $30 anyway!

  • Clovis

    Here, in Brazil, we have some problems with few titles for translation…poor us

    • Julia

      Ehow UK, another part of Demand Media International, stopped production “just while we take stock” in July and no one has seen a title since.

  • Julia

    I have tech and business permissions. Combined, those two are down to 3000 now. It was 9000 a few months ago.

    Circling the drain…

  • Damn

    There ain’t shit in the queues now! Careers is down to 1,000 or so.

  • Shoulda Known

    Yes, they came back – BUT – now, less than a week later, the entire site has been malfunctioning for two days straight – constant bump-offs, error messages, and when writers try to claim an assignment, every title says “unauthorized access.” There is no way at all to claim, write and turn in assignments, and the forums are not accessible — looks like a shutdown to me. Not a peep from anyone in charge: no notices, no apologies, no explanations – just everything frozen up.
    Showing their true colors – proly for good this time.

  • Pamela

    Triple digits?? Try ZERO titles in multiple queues!!! Oh, they reopened alright, but with no work in most sections, offering only the excuses of partner publications not needing articles at the moment! Uh-huh. This company is failing, big time. They aren’t even TRYING to recover. Anyone who actually believes otherwise is oblivious, and we don’t need that puke-faced Jordan dude to tell us otherwise. Actually, he hadn’t even piped up at all since the reopen. DS is so done, don’t know why they even bothered to reopen. Epic fail!

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