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The End is Nigh?

Lots of news on the Demand Studios front. We’re getting lots of reports about some kind of glitch in the payment system. Demand, of course, said nothing.

So we decided to tweet it a little before 12PM EST.

For SOME reason, they decided to respond to this. Here you can see their timeline, with the last update 17 hours ago. Oddly enough their last tweet was also related to money…

How to Fail at Social Media

How to Fail at Social Media









And this is from a company that wants you to connect all your social media accounts so they can make more money off your articles? Can I do social media for Demand?

That must be one, sweet job….getting paid for doing nothing.

We also got this tidbit in from one of our amigos in the Spanish department.

Overnight, DMS decided to let all of us Spanish translators go, stating a change in the company’s goals for this year. They said they would keep a small team based on their good performance, but every translator and reviewer so far has stated that they received the e-mail saying they don’t have a job anymore.

Furthermore, yesterday’s pay still hasn’t arrived and we are unsure about the pay for the articles we still had pending for review.

Also got a nice chunky letter from DSSer NE – haven’t forgotten about you yet, dude! We’ll put your post up soon….

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