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Demand Studios Closing?

demand2Just had a couple of different people send this in. As with most of our anonymous tips, we’re taking it worth a grain of salt.

This instagram pic was linked to from the DMS forums somewhere. Go to the link and hover over the image and you get this message:

23 hours ago – Oh, Snap. The end of the month is fast approaching! Make sure to upload any In Production projects asap, as the Studio will begin its closure for site renovation starting in April.

Click on the image to see a screen cap.

Demand closing for renovations? Or just closing. And they haven’t bothered to tell anyone….?

We’ll see how this develops.


5 comments to Demand Studios Closing?

  • Sitting on the deck of the Titanic

    Yesterday DMS stock hit a 52-week low ($4.36) and closed at $4.40, less than half of the 52-week high of $9.75. According to the “insider” trading history, 4-5 top people each unloaded thousands of shares in mid-November, a month before the great Christmas shutdown, and again in mid-February, two weeks before the eHow “renovation” announcement. That seems fishy, and I’d think that if they saw a future for the company, they’d be gobbling up stock now while it’s so low. But I know little about the stock market, so maybe there’s another explanation than the one that seems obvious, which is that the company is failing and the stockholders and TPTB know it. (

  • The Sane One

    Just to make a point that MOST of you should be able to make for yourselves…

    When a lot of the other content farms effectively shut down operations, there was no big announcement. They just stopped providing new titles to work on. Why should Demand Media do anything differently?

  • Pamela

    Ask no questions, so they can tell no lies. It seems the rah-rah cheery “oh, DMS is so wonderful, they would never screw anybody” types are not liking the line of questioning in the update forum thread. Several writers have requested an update on the update’s progress, or lack of, as the first month since the initial email notice comes to a close. Seems like a reasonable request. But at least two of the writers were pounced on by these insipid drones who defended the studio, accused writers of spending all of their time staring at the blank assignment page, lecturing them to diversify and outright telling them that they should not ask such unreasonable questions and that DMS doesn’t have to tell anyone anything. I can just picture that little group cheering on their way to the plasma bank: rah-rah, hey-hey, DMS is here to stay, yay!
    Brainwashed idiots.

  • Oh Hells Yes

    They closed for Christmas. They reopened for three months. They had “glitches” that kept people from getting paid on time. Now they’re closing again. I don’t expect to see them back — and good riddance.

  • Tom Bosley

    Just to play devil’s advocate, here – if there aren’t any titles left in any of the sections and there’s nothing left to write or edit, what would be the point of telling anyone if they were “shutting down for the revamp” or whatever “super happy fun time” name they’re trying to put on whatever this is?

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