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DMS Payments Late Again

How to Go Down With the Ship

How to Go Down With the Ship

(Thanks to DSSer LB for this on the spot report!)

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, the payment scheduled for Friday 3/14 will be delayed until Monday, 3/17. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause the members of the DMS community.”

Some were rightfully pissed off:

“Yanoo, this would be believable if payments hadn’t been getting later and later recently. AND they are all but shutting down the writing part of the company and the stock is in the toilet. Now, “due to technical difficulties” payment is delayed till Monday? I was in the accounting field  many moons ago but for long enough to know that this is codespeak for we cannot cover our payroll until some of our clients’ money comes in and hits our bank. And that won’t be until Monday.. we thought we would get enough in today to cover the payroll, but we didn’t get it till after cut off at the bank. So we deposited it and it will hit Monday morning and we will announce that the “technical difficulties” were resolved over the weekend..  As a journalist. I did several stories on companies who started this same line of garbage with their employees only to eventually go bankrupt. I am not getting a check from DMS so it’s no biggie to me but come on DMS. Don’t pee on your writers and then t ell them that it’s raining.”

“Eviction notice. That’s my inconvenience. Thank you for your apology.”

But of course there were the lap dogs who jumped to lick DS all over the face when a few pay bones were finally dropped:

“Jordan, thanks very much to everyone who worked on getting the payment out last night. Much appreciated!”

“Mine’s showed up in Paypal, too. Thank you!”

Oh, and the award for biggest brown noser goes to this contributor:

“I think some of you guys owe an apology to DMS as a whole. The payments may have been late, but they came— AS THEY ALWAYS DO — long before Monday. Which, I should add, means somebody worked some pretty late hours to make sure we got paid before Monday. To that person, I say thank you (on behalf of all contributors) for losing sleep over this delayed payment. Whomever was responsible for those payments going out rocks, and certainly deserves the respect of every contributor on this site.”

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  • Nic

    Hey at the risk if being accused of being a plant,I’m a filmmaker w/ dms and I have honestly not had one issue with anything DMS related for the last 4 years. Ive never been paid late (sometimes its late in the day but always on the correct day). Everyone’s always super nice and professional (dont kill me). I didn’t appreciate the Christmas shut down (or the current one) BUT I had/have other sources of income so it wasn’t entirely detrimental. I’m just wondering are all these issues just on the writing side? I see a lot of writing complaints but rarely filmmaker ones, are the entities separate?

    • Anon

      Nic, I wouldn’t say the issues are “just” on the writer side, but a very common writer complaint, and one that probably exacerbates our aggravation with everything else, is the privileging of CEs. I don’t know how it works in the film sector, but everything we write goes through CEs who have absolute control over content and whether we’re even paid for an article. The appeals system almost always upholds the CE, even when they’re wrong according to DMS’ own guidelines, and most writers have complained about CEs inserting mistakes, both grammatical and content-based, into articles. We don’t have much recourse when this happens. DMS has made it very clear over the years that it doesn’t value its writers.

      • LB

        Ditto. DMS has made it very clear that writers are merely minions for the CE’s to control. I’m all for having my work edited properly, after all it’s a necessary component of any type of publishing. I don’t understand why the CE’s have control over concept etc. Economic times are tough and many writers turned to DMS out of desperation. We are genuine writers with a lot of valuable experience that could be used to make DMS a respectable force instead of a substandard content mill. They keep trying to reinvent the wheel of writing, when they need to adapt to it instead. If the articles suck it’s because they won’t let real writers do what they do best.

  • Former DMS Drone

    “How naive can some people be? Do they need Mr. Pukeface Jordan to physically bitch slap them upside the head and spell it out for them that DMS is out of business?”

    Some people won’t get it until the lights are off and the doors are chained shut. And even then, it won’t sink in that DMS is DONE. FINISHED. KAPUT.

  • LB

    One of the biggest red flags came last Christmas when they suddenly shut down to give the office staff a 2-3 week “vacation.” They gave contributors only a few days notice right before the holiday. Tacky. The mindless sheep were actually wishing them a Merry Christmas in the forums!! Made me wanna puke.

  • Through

    The same person who posted that first (“Yanoo”) comment started a new thread called “The writing on the wall is in NEON people!” (sic) S/he wrote:

    Apparently, DMS decided to transfer money they earmarked for a different bill rather than have the writers tell people they haven’t been paid. Come on everyone….. , with a company who has paid like clockwork for years without a hitch to suddenly start having WEEKLY problems getting the pay out on time.. then try to stall over an entire weekend with the claim of “technical glitches” … are you REALLY gonna believe it isn’t tied to money issues? LOL They simply used money that was earmarked elsewhere, and are crossing their fingers that the late Friday deposit from clients hits in time to cover wherever they moved it from. Like I said. Clockwork for years…. now, shutting down most of the writing, WEEKLY “glitches” until they can move enough cash around to try and cover payroll… and then trying to stall an entire weekend. Anyone with a true accounting background. Not a former accounting file clerk etc. .but a true background knows exactly what these recent events mean. PLEASE do yourselves all a favor and find additional clients. For your own sakes. I have several clients who pay me on time, pay more than DMS and are a pleasure to work with. There are tons of writing oopportunities out there. Peace out!

    It disgusts me that people on those forums are STILL defending DMS and acting like we’re unreasonable creeps for expecting to be paid on time, as per contract, for work we did. The people who are furious at the continuing “pay glitches” were playing excellent defense, though, until Jordan shut the thread down because “tempers are running high.” Even Kevin Lee is freaking out. After what I wrote, I’m expecting DMS to terminate our professional relationship. I might care if there were anything left to terminate.

    • I dunno

      As much as I loathe the folks at DMS, I think liquidity is the least of their problems. I believe someone posted their financial numbers here a while back and Demand was awash in cash and credit. Keep in mind they’ve had a relatively small number of writers submitting a reduced amount of articles the last month, so the pay for contractors can’t be very much. I think it’s really just incompetence. BTW, what kind of idiot tells his client, “I’m so lousy at what I do that I can’t pay my rent or electric bill if you pay me a day late”? Why not just write, “Audit my work and reconsider whether I should be writing for you because no one else is willing to pay me for the crap I create”?

  • Pamela

    I really don’t know what more these stupid people need to convince them that this company is tanking and the end is imminent. Payment glitches every week, nearly ALL titles pulled and a now-perpetual empty queue. How naive can some people be? Do they need Mr. Pukeface Jordan to physically bitch slap them upside the head and spell it out for them that DMS is out of business?

  • I love ya like XO

    DMS is shitty to break contract then respond with “LOL oopsie sorry guys!!!!!’ but I can’t feel too sorry for the eviction notice guy. Yesterday was already March 14. How are you gonna be 14 days late on your own financial responsibilities and then get indignant and pissed that someone is 1 day late on theirs? Sorry, DMS is responsible for their own handling of the late pay, but they are not responsible for people failing at life.

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