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The Ship is Just About Under

How to Go Down With the Ship

How to Go Down With the Ship

Hey guys,

Not really much going on at the Demand front.

The queues look like they’re mostly empty. The few writers with permissions still at the studio keep  correcting old articles and everyone else sits around the forums bitching.

Here’s a bit of news straight from Demand staff:

I wish I had more solid answers for everyone when it comes to the renovation, particularly when assignments/sections will be “ready.” But alas, I am caught by surprise at times when things are announced 🙂

So – even Demand staff doesn’t know what’s going on. Sad.

In other news, Demand stock hit an all time low of $3.62. That’s quite a bit down from where the stock IPO’d at $17 and later on rose up to $25. That, of course, is where Mr. Special Grilled Cheese and everyone else dumped their stock.

How does everyone feel about Demand now?


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  • Cincinattus C

    I’ve noticed this site but never commented. But it seems like you are a writer who got fired and is holding a grudge. Some time ago, Demand fired a lot of writers and focused on hiring or retaining people with specific expertise. Like me.

    That you hate Demand means nothing. You’re embarrassing yourself. Look at the blue chip companies that have serious haters: Facebook, Monsanto, every fast food company, News Corp….should I go on?

    If you can’t make decent money via Demand, you have no business complaining. If you know your area and don’t need to waste time googling all the info, you can easily make $25 to $50 per hour WHEN the titles are flowing. This includes submitting/formatting the pieces through the Workdesk. If you can’t do this, tough titty. You don’t deserve the work. Knowledgeable writers crank out the articles, then use Google to find appropriate citations. For the most part…

    Yes, CEs can definitely suck. But it’s an inherently contentious relationship. They are a necessary evil. You’ll find one or two that don’t really do a good job at all, but there are some that I really admire as far as the effort they give.

    I’ve had a very small amount of articles rejected…I have between 100 and 200 pieces published and have had like 5 attempted rejections. Of those, like 4 were overturned. So the senior CEs are definitely willing to see things your way. The one rejection that stuck was actually during my first week writing with Demand.

    As far as Demand’s financial health…there are mixed sentiments on Wall Street, but some of the bullish analysts make strong arguments that the current restructuring leaves Demand in good shape for the future.

  • The Sane One

    Seems DSS died before DMS. I got a few e-mails about new titles being uploaded in different sections I qualify for (but don’t write for — I haven’t written for DMS in almost two years), which prompted me to come here…. and discover “Popular Comments” is empty and it’s been six weeks since there was a post.

  • Truth

    How interesting is it that if you look on LinkedIn you’ll find Demand has posted a ton of jobs in the last week, some of which are for in-house editor positions for sites like Livestrong. Many postings were posted yesterday! Yet in the forums they are telling writers that they are focusing on eHow and will not be working on sites like Livestrong. Clearly they’re lying. Demand is the most despicable company I’ve come across. I hope the remaining writers smarten up and get out.

  • ArticlesArticlesArticles

    I still write at Demand, but would NEVER rely on them for steady income. I was around when the 2011 ship originally sank, and the first, “Oh, we’re getting in more titles!…Maybe…ok, as of tomorrow, no,” line was set out.

    I check in, glance around, grab something if it’s available, then mostly work on some of my other jobs.
    I don’t know if they’ll ever come back.

    On the plus side, when the queues are low, CEs are a lot less picky…hmm. 😀

  • I sent an email to one of the “Section Chiefs” who encouraged me to apply to more sections in March, sat on my application for two months then replied “We are not adding any writers at this time,” when I asked her what was going on. I complained about the lack of professionalism and sense of fair play that the “Studio” (sounds even more pretentious now, doesn’t it?)has displayed towards me and the hundreds of writers who are still sitting around waiting for work and informed her that I had moved on. DMS replied with a polite letter removing my permissions. Someone should inform them that you cannot fire someone who has already quit!

    • Mike

      They did the same thing to me, regarding firing me after I had informed them that I had quit because they were unprofessional and they were not interested in publishing truthful and high quality articles.

  • Pamela

    The staff may claim not to know, but the writers do. In the one renovation forum, writers are starting to call out the BS. One deduced and asked point blank if DS is washed up. Of course, the response was one of complete denial.

  • Pamela

    We’ll, well, well. One if the studio staffers just let it slip that they are not releasing any new titles to be written, and that the renovation is “going to be” a big undertaking. Going to be? This has supposedly been in progress for almost three months now. I would say that speaks volumes.

    A couple if weeks ago, the studio dropped a meager handful of titles into the queues, which supplied work to, oh, maybe a dozen writers while the remaining hundreds of writers frantically slapped the find assignments button in vain around the clock only to remain still empty handed. There have been no titles seen in some of these sections since. It was like the studio just wanted to throw out a bone in an unsuccessful attempt to quell people’s grumbling a and inquiries since the projected two month mark had passed.

  • Dynamite!

    It must be damned depressing to be one of the few writers still around that place. I’m surprised they don’t hear crickets in those boards.

    I understand that eHow, before it was bought by Demand Media, was a pretty decent place for writers to work at. Maybe DM should have kept the old work model that the old owners of eHow had before.

    Now, they’re out of writers and out of time.

    Whose fault is that?

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