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Yep. Still here.

How to Go Down With the Ship

How to Go Down With the Ship

Hey DSSers,

Sorry for the delay.

Yep. We’re still here and about, although things are more quiet than they’ve been in years.

Notice that there are finally some new titles floating about. How is everyone finding things there?

Demand stock, however, continues to hover in the sub $5/share price. Ouch.



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  • Julia

    Just an FYI for tech people, they have a looonnnnggg list of new rules:

    – All articles have to have the writer telling the editors what the targeted audience is – like “a young professional who is single and works from home, is currently working on a novel and owns a cat”.

    – The writers have to tell the editors which of these three categories it falls into (one of the categories is “entertainment” “edutainment” and “education” and there are different rules for each.

    – They all have to be written like Topic Views now that includes How-To) to add “value”. But if you write it too much like a Topic View they won’t accept it. Try figuring that one out.

    – And finally…fuck this, I’m out. No way in hell $25 is worth all this shit.

    • Jaffa

      Yes, the new Tech directive is funny as fuck. Seems like they want to emulate sites like Engadget and TechRadar, but clearly no-one has thought about the reality of the shit titles stuck to our find assignments queues. (How do you make “Troubleshoot IE Error 007689876” into an entertainment piece, I ask you!)

      Also, any Tech writer who submits one-sentence step How-To articles will lose their permissions. So readers seeking concise answers to their tech problems will now have to wade through a load of pointless tips and padding (or more likely click the “back” button and return to Google for a useful answer.)

      Of course, Friend Gilligan is moist eyed and dewy-cocked with excitement about all the rejections he will be able to issue under the new guidelines. He says any article that isn’t a 4/4 score will be rejected.

      DMS Tech staff editors must live on another fucking planet.

  • Julia

    THERE WAS NO PAYMENT ON FRIDAY. Let me reiterate. No. Payment.

    They claimed it was a “glitch” again. Then just sent something out saying the next payment would be late again. Due to the glitch.


  • Pamela

    Friday’s payments did not go out until Monday, the system is still loaded with glitches on a weekly basis at least, writers in several sections state that there are few to no titles, available titles in other sections are either unwritable or require far more time than justifies a $25 payment and the current ring leader argues that there is enough work. I don’t know, but I write for another site that has more work available than DMS ever does these days, they have had very few glitches, and they have never missed a payment (they even paid out on the Fourth of July, right on the normal schedule for Friday payments). Seems TPTB at DMS are even more incompetent than ever before.

  • Pamela2

    eHow renovation is generating a lot of work and the work is less stressful because it’s easy and no CEs to harass you. Most old time writers and the better CEs are making money behind the scenes and there are other projects going on too. Collectively there are a few thousand writable SEO titles available, but you have to have permissions in many sections to feel like you have a lot to choose from, just having permissions in one section won’t be much help as the titles get snapped up fast. The report that Jordan promised a big announcement is probably false, because he’s not really there anymore, but then again, neither am I; maybe he’s there but not in the forums. I’m not a fan of DMS but I don’t think you can stand around waiting for a publicly traded company to just go poof when writable SEO titles run out, which incidentally, as long as search engines exist, there will be a market for SEO content. In the meantime, DMS has its sticky little fingers in many a pot. So, like the Miami Cubans waiting decades and generations to dance on Calle 8 in celebration of Fidel Castro’s death, sadly, y’all are going to have to find something else to do with your time because DMS the corporation will outlive us all.

  • James

    I have to admit, DMS is really hanging in there with its $5 stock, although a Five dollar footlong would be a much better investment.

  • Pamela

    Very few titles are flowing. Only a lucky handful of writers who just randomly happen to stumble on them actually get any. Everyone was told by Jordan Pukeface that some “big announcement” would be rolling in “later this month.” That was posted early last month, still no word, still no updates and the “renovation” has been going on for four months now – at least two months past the originally announced timeframe of 1-2 months. God forbid a writer asks for an update! Then the rah-rah cheerleader Razzberry pipes in about how wonderful DMS is (so wonderful that she is probably going back to the egg bank this weekend) and Nannette c$&* comes on with her usual diatribe about how superior CEs and staffers are and writers are such inferior, whining annoyances. So, yeah, I guess you could say that nothing’s changed at all!

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