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Demand Earnings Call and a Job?

How to Write for Demand Studios Sucks

How to Write for Demand Studios Sucks

Hey DSSers,

This was dropped in our mailbox a few days back by fellow DSSer BamaFan. Make of it what you will. Feel free to post your own comments. 

So, Demand’s insiders decided to salvage what’s left of their personal shares by splitting off the domain name side of the biz from the dying content side just days before the next (disastrous?) earnings call.

While it looks like Demand’s stock has soared from $5 to $11, that’s because shareholders got a 1-5 reverse stock split. I think if you had 500 shares of DMD before the changeover, you got 100 shares of Rightside (NAMEV) and 500 shares of DMD after the companies cut the chord. Then, the reverse split netted you 100 shares of DMD (someone who’s a better finance expert please correct me if/where I’m wrong).
When I woke up this morning, I saw that DMD had hit a high of $12.13 today. By the time I started writing this, it had dropped to $10.50 and was still dropping (14% down before lunch). I wonder if/when Demand concedes that it just needs to coast on its library of titles and take its cash without spending any more real money on the site, keep a few writers and editors around to keep eHow “fresh” and terminates 550 of the 600 Santa Monica staffers and most of the 3,000 freelancers they have left.
Here’s interesting info from a finance writer:
  • and continue to decline in page views and will have lower EBITDA in Q2 2014.
  • Rightside reported negative EBITDA in Q1 2014. Google entered the registrar space in June 2014. Expect even more margin pressure in the near future.
  • Both businesses are a melting ice cube. The Company needs to be taken private to implement a turnaround. Otherwise, expect 15-20% declines in the stock.
Looking at the first bullet point, Alexa seems to show that both eHow and LS improved their site rankings in Q4 and Quancast seems to show increased visitors.

Let’s see what happens to DMD on August 7 after the earnings call.

Here’s a quick rundown…..well…, I thought I was going to have time to make sense of this, but I don’t. Anyone out there care to make sense of this?

On another note – we also got this email and, rather than be the cynical bastards you think we are, we thought we’d post this for anyone looking for opportunities. I guess drop us an email….

I was hoping you might help me find good writers that want to make more than $25 an article. We are looking for writers that are able to post to sites with decent DA and better than normal quality articles. We’re having a hard time finding anyone who knows a topic and can get decent links. Thanks so much for your help. – Jerry C

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