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How to Go Down With the Ship

How to Go Down With the Ship

Yeah, we know it’s been a while since we rapped at ya.

In all truth, neither Richard or myself has even logged into the Demand site in many months.

Writing this post yesterday made me curious to see if I still even had permissions, so I checked.

And, lo and behold I do.

A quick snoop around confirmed that Demand is pumping out hard hitting journalism pieces as ever.

Some of the titles I noticed in the queue:

  • What is the Most Popular Job in Japan?
  • Tractor Repair Training
  • How to Teach English in Greenland

Ahh, some things never change.

Now onto the old news. We received a couple of pieces in the mail and we’ll just let them speak for themselves.

Demand Shuts Foreign Offices

Well, it happened. As of Friday, November 7th, Demand Media has closed down on all of their foreign freelance. They shut down operations in the Spanish and Brazilian version of the site by simply sending an e-mail out of the blue saying “thank you and goodbye”.

I hope americans get smart about this company, because they are the next pieces in this domino fall.

Full message from the CEO:


As the year draws I’d like to take the opportunity to let you know that we have set our goals for 2015. As you know, up to this point our objective was to produce content on a constant basis and increase production every month. Thanks to your work and all of our freelance community, today our site eHow Brasil has more than 350,000 articles that are consulted daily by millions of people from around the world.

Our objective for the remainder of 2014 and the start of next year is to focus our efforts on the overall quality of the site. We have built a great library, and will not be adding to it in a meaningful way in the near future. Instead, we will be focused on continuous quality improvements. This means that after this month there will be no more titles available for translation.

We understand that this news may come as a bit of a surprise. Therefore we propose keeping you on file and contacting you as soon as we have work available, which will most likely be in the near future. We will be completely focused on the quality and we will need help in revising the content.

If you have articles in your queue waiting for revising then we can assure you that they will be revised in the coming days. As always, once they have been approved your account will be duly credited.

We appreciate your attention and once again, thank you for being a part of Demand Media’s freelance community.

Max Goldenberg
General Manager
Demand Media Studios International


We’re not quite sure what to make of this next one, but thought we should put it out there for discussion. See – we do serve a useful purpose here!

Stiffed by Demand

I wrote one article for Demand Media for $25. I never got paid. When it was time to receive payment (11/7), I first received a suspicious message that said I needed to “claim” my payment on PayPal. The message appeared to be from Demand but the address was [email protected] I called PayPal and they said to forward it to their fraud team which I did and which yes, was fraud, I told Demand about it and received no answer.

A day later I got what appeared to be a legit message from Demand ([email protected]) that said I’d ben paid $25. Looked in my PayPal account but not money. Called PayPal to see if someone had hacked my account but no, no $25 had ever been sent. Talked to Demand again (via email form only, ‘natch) and they said I’d obviously entered something wrong because they have a record of it being sent.

The provided me with a PayPal reference number, which, when I called PayPal again, turned out to be completely made up. I won’t go on but we went around a couple of more times: Demand says they sent it and PayPal said they didn’t and at this rate, even if I ever do recoup the $25, I will have earned, with the writing, editing, forced webinar and tutorials, approximately 17 cents per hour for my time.

These people should be reported and brought up on charges. PayPal said I’d need to report them to my local police department. Please. I wish I could do something to damage them but now I’m just ….DONE. Thanks for listening, I really needed to get this out.

7 comments to Old News

  • […] At Demand, a couple months after the bad loss news came out last fall, it meant the company closed all their foreign offices and stopped assigning articles for their non-English […]

  • Anthony

    Talk about salty. I mean come on, the fact that you built a website to destroy this company is ridiculous. Grow up and move on.

  • tenfingerstyping

    Merry Christmas!

    Many of my old Demand articles aren’t online anymore. Yay! I will repurpose them.

  • Dynamite!

    I just came back from checking out my writings on Ehow and they were replaced by very similar articles written by different people! How about that!

  • Dynamite!

    If I were you, I would contact the Better Business Bureau and write a complaint on their website. I would go to a number of such websites and post exactly what you have here. It won’t get your $25 dollars, but at least you will get the word out there that these guys are cheats. I don’t think that DM has had a formal complaint against them on such a website yet, so why not be the first!

  • Richard Rosenblatt

    There are many things wrong with Demand, but I can honestly say in almost six years of freelancing for them, I was never stiffed on a payment. This story sounds fishy to me.

  • Lorianne

    More old news. DMS is shutting down *again* this year right before Christmas. This time around they provided a *bit* more notice and the shutdown is slightly shorter, but still. Why would an INTERNET based site need to shut down operations for three entire weeks? My guess is to shave back end-of-year expenses, although I kind of doubt that the staffers will experience a three-week haircut in their paychecks. I’m just sayin’.

    I am more than two years gone from that place (I was WEPped for excessive abandoned rewrites) and I could kiss TPTB for nudging me out. I’ve moved on to markets that pay 10X more for my work, plus I work with real editors that I can email or even call on the phone if I need to. What the frack I was thinking in wasting 3 years with the craziness at Demand, I’ll never know.

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