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Demand Says Buh-Bye to eHow?

The beginning of the end?

Yep. Looks like Demand is selling off eHow.

Sad days.

I wonder “e-How” the assignment queue is doing?

I’m just glad that Richard picked me up a Demand Studios t-shirt while they were available.


10 comments to Demand Says Buh-Bye to eHow?

  • razberry-berg

    we know who you are. fucked up berg. really fucked up. go back to your den in hell.

  • Dick Long

    The Demand ship is sinking fast, not slow like the Titanic. Some of the studio editors have been fired including supposed head honcho since the features days Joe Crosby. It’s blood in the streets at Demand. Wonder if the shareholders know about all this?

    • eHow cans all writers

      The Crosby hire was a joke. His main qualification for getting hired as an employee was that he wrote as a freelancer for Demand (was unemployed) for three or four years. That made him an expert. I guess if you kissed Help Desk ass long enough and got enough 4s, you got a nice job with Demand.

      Remember when he came into the forums and screamed at the writers for DARING to question him when he said everything was fine, that nothing was changing and there would be plenty of titles (the famous “trust me” post)? Yes, he played favorites with pets, but now he knows that loyalty (doesn’t) work both ways. If he really got canned, I wonder why he wasn’t he kept on at StudioD? Same with Lally and anyone from eHow who wasn’t transferred over.

      • Dick Long

        The word is that Crosby, Lederman, Lally and Klonoski were fired from the company, not just from eHow. They’re no longer with Demand Media. Yes, now I remember something about Crosby being a freelancer turned employee, and the way he played favorites was indeed nauseating. So yeah, glad something bad happened to him. Now let’s see how long his pets last in their “special projects” gigs before the leadership sells off Demand illegally and moves to Chechnya or Syria.

  • eHow cans all writers

    eHow finally gave the termination notice to all writers. The “renovation” project is done and no more writers are needed. Of course, they let Jordan Decker the weasel make the announcement. Nice of the higher-ups to fire veterans who had been with them the better part of a decade without the guts to face them. Classy move Eve and Richard.

    Let’s see if Demand (or someone) can make a profit just earning from eHow ad clicks with no more labor put into the site. Should work, with a few people hanging around to fix dead links and add a few posts each week to meet Google’s “freshness” requirements.

    I’m surprised the press did not pick up on the story about Demand gaming Google with false social shares, writer bios, etc.

    If it’s not costing you money, please keep this site live. It’s an important research tool to document what went on at a spectacular Internet failure and how society rose up to thwart at least one evil industry (content mills). I think the smirking, arrogant asshats in Demand’s editorial department also need to have their names associated with the damage they did to countless professional writers.

    “The only thing needed for evil to flourish is for good men to take down their websites.” 🙂

  • PamelaM

    They bounced me, and now Richard Lally has been fired. FWIW, the artist formally known as Demand Studios (now Studio D) closed ranks around the freelancers it wanted to keep in January 2015. The forum hangers-on don’t realize that nobody else is getting in. Jordan intimated that the forums are going away eventually as well. The questionnaire is just the company’s way of thinking that they’re softening the blow, the difference between saying “hasta pronto” and “adios” to someone you never want to see again. Demand Studios thinks the freelancers are too stupid to get it, and maybe some are.

  • Abby

    The announcement probably sent a lot of people into a frenzy. The people who can market themselves will do fine; the people who want to log in at the same place every day and have a content mill do all the work of making up a title and coming up with guidelines? Not so much.

  • SallyG

    Looks like they finally bounced head cheerleader Pamela Martin off the island. She’s blaring and bellowing her usual nonsense all over another site’s forums now. She’ll have a hard road without DMS.

  • razzberry-jam

    Are you finally going to shut down now that Demand is no more? How much ad revenue can you be making off this website with no traffic anyway?

    • Ummm, FYI, whatever moron decided to use razzberry-jam as a handle is not me.

      Losing eHow is just one more pothole on the road of life. I’m working for my other clients and still making money. Just published an ebook. Working on more ebooks. Doing some T-shirt designs. Thinking of doing some paintings.

      Oh yeah, I’m fully aware of this website, and have been for a very long time, but you really, really don’t know me at all. LOL. Your misconceptions are amusing. You just have no clue.

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