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Drop the Zero and Get with the Hero!

digital-number-zeroHey kids!

It’s summertime. That means we’re on vacation. Just like Demand! LOL. Found this letter stuck in our letterbox. Looks like we might be around after Demand is gone! But don’t feel too bad. All the Execs cashed out long ago.

Once again there are ZERO titles to claim at Demand Studios! Take a look at the flimsy, sugar coated BS they are telling contributors now.

Hi everyone,

Two weeks ago I announced that we were making some changes to better support eHow’s overall editorial strategy. While that effort is still underway, we’ve determined that our best option going forward is to have a smaller number of contributors dedicated to this project.

For that reason, today we are removing access to eHow assignments from several of our contributors. If you are someone who is losing eHow access, you will be notified via email. If you are part of that group, this decision won’t impact your standing as a member of our contributor network and you will continue to be considered for any upcoming clients and projects. But that does mean you will not be able to claim any new assignments for eHow.

New Projects: Pairing Talent and Opportunity

We work with brands that have varying content needs and we foresee most future projects providing opportunities for smaller pools of dedicated contributors. With that in mind, our goal will be pairing the right talent with the right opportunity. This will help us create partnerships between brands and contributors in a way that helps brands accomplish their content goals while helping you grow your portfolio of work. As always, you have the discretion to choose or decline to work on any of the assignments we make available to you, and the terms and conditions of the Contributors Agreement remain in effect.

Help Us Connect You

I’m asking every member of our talent network to complete a brief questionnaire that will provide us with more insight into your background and interests. This information is going to be used by our team to select members of our network for upcoming projects. We’ve already had a lot of success doing this for brands like Samsung, Experian and Office Depot.

Realistically this means that most members of our network will no longer have a steady flow of assignments available to them at all times. But when you are contacted and selected for a project, we believe it will provide a better opportunity for you as a professional. We’ll also continue to keep everyone updated about what’s going on behind the scenes including new projects and partners.

I’m sure there are a lot of questions which is why I have created this forum post. Please feel free to post questions and comments here and I, along with other members of the team, will jump in and provide you with as much insight as possible.

Thank you,


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