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Breaking News – This is The End

Things coming in hot and heavy DSSers!!! Apparently Demand has chosen today to pull the plug. Quotes from a DSSer below. Don’t forget you can head to the forums to spill your guts, too.

Don’t worry. We’re not going anywhere. As we’ve said before, this site costs about $1 to run.

eHow finally gave the termination notice to all writers. The “renovation” project is done and no more writers are needed. Of course, they let Jordan Decker the weasel make the announcement. Nice of the higher-ups to fire veterans who had been with them the better part of a decade without the guts to face them. Classy move Eve and Richard.

Let’s see if Demand (or someone) can make a profit just earning from eHow ad clicks with no more labor put into the site. Should work, with a few people hanging around to fix dead links and add a few posts each week to meet Google’s “freshness” requirements.

I’m surprised the press did not pick up on the story about Demand gaming Google with false social shares, writer bios, etc.

If it’s not costing you money, please keep this site live. It’s an important research tool to document what went on at a spectacular Internet failure and how society rose up to thwart at least one evil industry (content mills). I think the smirking, arrogant asshats in Demand’s editorial department also need to have their names associated with the damage they did to countless professional writers.

“The only thing needed for evil to flourish is for good men to take down their websites.” :-)

20 comments to Breaking News – This is The End

  • Synergy

    Just a heads up that Demand Media Studios has now been officially re-branded as studioD. If you go to the old login page for Demand, it redirects you to

    Jordan posted in the forum:

    “Today I’m thrilled to unveil the studioD Talent Network, the new face of Demand Media Studios.

    Under this new brand, we will continue to be one of the leading destinations for quality content creation for brands. As the talent network, our mission is to match you with leading brands to create content that fuels conversations with their customers and fans. Brands need your skills and as part of our network you will have the opportunity to create some of the most engaging content online.

    How does this affect you?
    DMS contributors are automatically part of studioD’s network, no need to reapply or sign up for anything. As we make new projects available, we’ll work directly with individual talent to present them with opportunities. Every project we do will be different; some will require photographers, writers, editors or talent with social followings. Our team will strive to make sure that every match we make benefits not only our client, but you as a contributor, as well.”

  • Jaws

    lol Eve is begging people to fund her dumb play now..

    only 10 percent funded by end of campaign.

  • Yep Yep

    I was one of the “chosen.” I never kissed ass to the editors, and was actually pretty critical of them on numerous occasions. Not sure why I was picked. That being said, despite emails about assignment availability, I’ve yet to see anything actually appear in my queue.

    • PamelaM

      You aren’t busy populating shit sites of Demand’s shit clients like Choice Hotels with shit chewed-and-spat-out-for-the-50th-time-tired-ass eHow titles that are “proven” to get traffic? Well, I guess there are “chosen” Demand contributors and then there are “chosen” give-us-the-blood-of-your-young, Opus Dei-type “chosen” Demand contributors, hahaha. Would not want to be in either category, and um, don’t hold your breath on the wairting for assignments front.

  • DemandMediaSucksSucks

    And now maybe you whiny, talentless dorks can move on with your own lives…

    • Jordan Is A Tool

      So nice of you to stop by, Pamela!

    • Dick Long

      Yeah, ’cause that’s the difference between those who work for the evil corporation that is Demand and those who don’t, talent (laugh, snort, laugh some more). Not only did this one drink “the Kool-Aid,” he (probably she) just asked for a refill.

      • DemandMediaSucksSucks

        Yeah, Demand Media put out a lot of shit, for sure. What’s hilarious is that you loser motherfuckers didn’t even make the cut for that.

      • DemandMediaSucksSucks

        Also, I’m not Pam. I think Pam’s a condescending, self-righteous, suck-up twit. And I think you all are a bunch of sniveling little dickwads who must really, really suck at writing if you got bounced from DMS.

        • PamelaM

          And you’re WEELY, WEELY good at writing, and the fact that you write for (COUGH) Demand Studios is like, totally proof of that fact. Because that’s where all of the world’s BEST writers roost, Demand Studios. Not! But I’ll give you a pass because clearly you’re delusional.

          • DemandMediaSucksSucks

            Wow, this really seems to be flying over your head, doesn’t it “PamelaM?” My point is that Demand Studios has hired a lot of shitty writers. And yet dim bulbs like you aren’t even up to that standard. Let me put it in terms even you and Dick Long and the rest of you imbeciles can understand.
            Demand writers=shitty.
            PamelaM and Dick Long=got bounced from Demand
            PamelaM and Dick Long=even worse than shitty. Somewhere south of shitty.
            Think you can wrap that around your thick heads?

        • Dick Long

          I can so see you in this Tshirt in 1937: “Don’t hate just because I can afford to ride the Hindenburg.”

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  • Dick Long

    It’s important to understand that there’s still work going on at Demand, a fair amount of it, it’s just be special invitation only, mostly by email they say. They’re still working with “certain” freelancers, those who made it part of the task to kiss extra up to the studio editors. One of them was stupid enough to pipe up in the forums and let people know she was one of the “chosen,” but by and large, their inner circle has gone silent, as if it’s not obvious. The sickening thing is that they’ve callously given the boot to people who worked hard for them and did good quality work, in spite of their dog shit reputation. AND, they WON’T STOP LYING that they’ll be inviting people who aren’t part of the “chosen” circle to work on special projects. They’re such pathological liars. STOP LYING TO PEOPLE, I beg of them. Let people fade away in peace. Anyway, if you didn’t kiss studio editor ass 24-7 you got the boot, and it takes a special person to kiss studio editor ass 24-7. And I’m not talking Pamela Martin cheerleader in the forums ass kissing (cause everyone knows even SHE got the boot), I’m talking email everyday, under the desk with moist lips ass kissing. Those are the freelancers who are still working for Demand on their “special projects.”

    • MissyFreelance

      I didn’t depend on Demand for most of my income. Used it to earn some extra cash. I got the boot, even though I did top notch work. I never promoted my demand work because I thought it cheapened my portfolio. They are truly liars. And I laugh at the true believers. They are still there.

      • Dick Long

        A significant problem for Demand freelancers is that you have to distance yourself so far from the product you produce at the outset with the fake name and fake bio (because of the bullshit titles and the no talent hack CEs that won’t stop rewriting articles in their own image) that it’s impossible to promote any work you’ve done for them without looking like a psycho yourself. The unbelievably heinous way Demand operates is kind of unprecedented. Sure there are ill-conceived and poorly run corporations allover, but in the “journalism” world if you will, Demand is kind of a new low. Anyway, I wish the devils well. No more to say on the subject.

  • Jordan Is A Tool

    So, apparently, they just fired all editors: Richard (the only decent guy in that shithole), Eve (good riddance), Joe Crosby and Brian Klonoski.

  • Dick Long

    Since eHow is no longer updating the site, chances are someone’s going to press the big, red delete button and hopefully put the site out of its misery. The era of crap articles written by people with fake bios has officially come to an end.

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