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Demand Media Closes Austin Office

bartonsprings1Woah. Thanks to special commenter “Thanks” (lol) for this

Demand Closing Austin Offices 

There’s a bit of “clarification” there from Demand, but it’s still a done deal.

Sorry for everyone losing their jobs. But think of it as just extra time at Barton Springs.



3 comments to Demand Media Closes Austin Office

  • Dynamite!

    This monstrosity of a business is taking a very long time to fall, don’t you think? I would have thought that Demand Media would have been dead in the water by now. Geez Louize!

  • Rachel S.

    Just loving the demise of Demand. I worked for them briefly, before I wised up about being treated as slave labor, and saw first-hand how abysmally they treated their writers.

    I hope they go bankrupt and that every executive still left loses every penny they have. Couldn’t happen to nicer folks.

  • PamelaM

    Fwiw, the Austin office was an unapologetic redundancy, like the DM Seattle office is — places for friends of friends of friends, useless ppl like Jessica what’s her face, to hang out and get paid for doing nothing. That Demand kept an Austin office, and still has the Seattle office, is a testament to just how much money the idiots with the purse strings have to blow. Basically, nobody will miss it.

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