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Grilled Cheese Has Left the Building

richard rosenblatt

How to Take the Money and Run

Howdy all,

Yeah, know it’s been a while since we rapped at ya, but not much seems to be going on at the Demand, er, excuse me, Studio D front.

Pretty funny. If you told me 5 years ago I’d still be updating this site, I would have laughed.

I logged into Studio D the other day just for the fun of it only to find the queues all empty. So sad. I still remember the glory days of writing ten articles on the same subject.

Maybe that’ll stir up some comments. Back in the day (let’s say 2009-2010), what was the most articles you were able to write in a day? I think I peaked out at about 8.

Special thanks to DMSIPO IPODMS for the update….speaking of DMSIPO, looks like Demand Stock is down to about $5/share. Quite a bit off from the heady days when it was over $500/share. I guess we all know who made out there…

According to his Linkedin Profile, he’s now Editorial and Quality Assurance Manager at … ready for it …!

Talk about a leopard not being able to change his spots. He REALLY went to another content mill after almost a decade of wading in that slime?

Poor guy.

In other news, Jordan Decker apparently also got shit-canned.

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  • William Swan

    Yeah, I checked in there about two years ago. Talk about a ghost of a place. All the old categories were still there, but were devoid of everything. Even the forums then (circa 2013) were a monolith of history.

    I remember the days tho. Yeah, I’d go and find five or seven titles that were basically the same subject. And it got to a point where I could go in and find titles that I had written something about already months, or years before. Google was a best friend for quick research to find credible links. Finishing the day with about $100 worth of work written was easy because it’s all rehash. I got burned out and finally just couldn’t write there anymore.

  • I also remember the days of logging into Demand Media…Studio’s…Studio D…whatever…and seeing so many article titles that it made my head spin. Too many to choose from! It was nothing for me to pick six or seven articles a day. Last I logged in (a few years ago) I was shocked to see nothing….NO TITLES. Good thing I left when I did.

  • Rick Ross

    In other news, the DEMAND CRAP STUDIOS forums that have had three loser comment makers since August 2015 – Razzberry Jam, Deb, and Beth – have FINALLY been deleted. So there goes the primary research source for my novella about Suzie the content farmer/breast milk seller.

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