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Studio D – Now Scambait?

demand sucksHey kids –

Hope things are well. Everything still running along here at DSS HQ. We’re just keeping the fires lit until Demand Media or Studio D or whatever they’re calling it these days finally gets flushed down the toilet. The latest analyst reports show that they might be hanging on for a while, so I guess we’ve still got some work ahead of us.

Got this email in the letterbox not too long ago and wanted to share it with everyone. Has anyone out there in DSS-land come across anything similar?

I recently saw a ad on craigslist from an unknown company saying they will pay me $75 for 20 minutes of my time, I got curious and emailed about it, got a reply asking for my phone number and an appropriate time to get a hold of me.

Later I got contacted by a lady named Patty and she told me a little more about it (but not much more) and told me to download teamviewer for my computer and that someone will be getting in touch with me shortly, thinking it was fishy I continued only because I was familiar with teamviewer and in my eyes I could stop access to my computer at any moment.

Later someone by the name of Amy got in touch with me and prompted me to log into my facebook and then teamviewer so that she may only use my facebook for about 15 minutes. While she was on she when to my ad management changed a couple of things, added a lady named Rose Debani then added a page, went back to ad management and used her credit card on something then logged off of teamviewer.

She asked for my paypal info and said she would get a hold of me tomorrow to see if I will get paid and that was it.

She said the company that she works for is Demand Media and onn the teamviewer call it said Demand Media LLC or something to that effect.

Does this sound weird to you? I would love a response!

2 comments to Studio D – Now Scambait?

  • DMS Greatest Hits

    They deleted their storied forums, that’s news, so there goes the tale of the fair milkmaid, you know, the one who wanted to sell her OWN breast milk, lol.

  • You Better Watch Out

    I don’t know if DMS/Demand Studios/Studio D is running scams now, but I know that if someone is advertising on Craig’s List offering people $75 for 20 minutes of unskilled labor, it’s either a medical study or a scam.

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