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DSS Declares Victory after 6 Years!

Our old buddy DMSIPO IPODMS points us to this recent article in Business Insider that talks about some changes going down at Demand/StudioD/whatever they’re calling themselves today…
Apparently, they are contacting some of the old writers and asking them to add/update crap at the sites for crap pay. Looks like Leaf has turned over a new leaf.

Anyone still have permissions? Can you tell us the titles and pay rates available?

Oddly enough both Richard and I still have permissions to login to the site.

They changed their name before we did, so we’re declaring victory.

Thanks everyone!!!

3 comments to DSS Declares Victory after 6 Years!

  • Dynamite!

    I have to give it to them. They sure know how to reinvent themselves. The sites that they own look pretty impressive and seem successful.

    Maybe they’ll be doing things right this time around.

  • Broke Broker

    At a whopping $6.50 per share, how could anyone not want to invest? Last I checked, turds don’t disappear just because you cover them in leaves. Anyone who’s taken a crap in the woods knows this.

  • Pamela What's Her Name

    Apparently, many of the DMS zombies are now making time at a content farm joint called One Space. Some deep-end-of-the-pool losers are actually using the same creepy avatars they used at DMS, but many, one can tell by their ass kissing, bootlicking comments about their inbred dogs and dying cats in the One Space’s forms that are basically a copy of the crazy as hell DMS forums. Chop off the tail of a vicious snake, another one grows in its place.

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