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Livestrong Sucks Velveeta

In its panties. I shit you not.

R.Head back from the dead. Gonna keep this short and sweet.

I really want to hat tip our friends at BoingBoing and just too good not to remark upon. Article was in that whoopsie state for almost a year, judging by the comments.

The unfortunate typo:

Has since been fixed.

I guess someone got wind of it up in TPTB Tower.

As Xeni points out, nobody had endeavored to remove Lance’s name from, not that there is any reason Ricky Rosen would want to diss his […]

Seems Like Old Times

Private equity firm Thomas H. Lee Partners was interested in pumping some ether into DMD’s moribund carcass. TPTB went to the table and heard them out. Rosenblatt jumped at the opportunity to cash out at 66% of the IPO price as long as it included an opportunity to jump ship. Internet legend Marc Andreessen was asked to evaluate Demand Media’s prospects. He said they stunk. Thomas H. Lee Partners began to backtrack. Negotiations broke down. Demand insiders floated the story to AllThingsD in a classic lemons out of lemonade strategy. […]

Occupy Demand Media

Demand Studios Sucks lends its support to Occupy Wall Street and all the local Occupy Together movements coalescing around the world. We are the 99% and Richard Rosenblatt is the 1%. […]

The Adsense

Richard Rosenblatt of Demand Media sweats Ben Bernanke on Twitter. SeoBook’s Aaron Wall delivers an in-depth and engrossing encapsulation of corporate content farming. Time to prove his capabilities as a corporate scion. […]

Analyzed and Pandalized

Analysts of DMD have been wrong so far, but Barclays latest target of $11 agrees with DSS Richard Head. Richard examines the lingering effects of Panda on Demand Media and other content mills and discusses the history of his own analysis of DMD shares. […]

DMD BoD – Buy Buy Buy!!!

The Demand Media Board of Directors has approved a company repurchase of shares on the open market. How many companies must ask their board to authorize a share repurchase within seven months of an IPO? I’d imagine that’s a short list over the course of history? Is this to prop sagging shares of DMD or a backdoor put for insiders? […]