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Never Seen This in 5 Years

How to Suck

Absolutely nothing in the queue. Sad.









Auto-Matic for the People!

How to Deal With Automotive CEs

Hey kids,

DMS continues to piss people off as much as ever.

Just this week we got reports that writers haven’t been paid and a couple of CE bitch fests.

This letter appeared in the DMS box and we just had to share.

How goes things in your DMS world? The queues are looking mighty grim in a number of sections, yet DMS continues to hire writers and hold webinars.

Way to go, team!

Reader Mailbag

I am now a former DSM writer for the Automotive section.

Just wanted to vent a bit about my experiences.


They’re Back!

How to Cover Your Failing Business

In all fairness, just as promised Demand Studios was back online this week.

From all reports, it looks like everything is back to normal, except that some of the queues are dipping perilously close to triple digits.

From one of the forum regulars:

It is good to be back, and good to know that DMS really did return to us. I just hope that titles start appearing, because right now the queue looks as abysmal as it did right before the shutdown. I know nobody was working though, so I realize that the titles will likely take a few days to go […]

Preserved for Posterity

Holiday Greetings from Demand!

Demand Media gets ready to shut down over the holidays. […]

Richard Lally: OK by DSS!!!

How to Cause DSS to be Conflicted

In the interest of fairness, felt like we had to point this out.

After our last few posts, we actually had a couple of commenters step in to defend CE Head Honcho Richard Lally and the CE process in general.

If what he says is true, he talks some sense:

Until a few months ago, when I took a full-time job with a newspaper, I freelanced under Lally for four years.

I don’t know how Eve Lederman runs things, but I honestly think you don’t know what Lally does or how he does it.

For as long as I worked with […]