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DSS Mailbox: DMS Still Ignoring Experts

How to be a Special Grilled Cheese Chef!

Hey there everyone,

The cool winds are starting to blow and the leaves are changing. Fall is upon us.

Unfortunately, unlike the weather, some things never change.

Like Demand Studios shoving aside expert writers and backing up clueless CEs.

I can confirm this firsthand. It’s really getting to the point where rewrites just aren’t worth it anymore. So you have to spend your time picking out titles that aren’t ambiguous. Which is tough, especially with the state of the queues now.

Just got this in the mailbox. Details have been changed to protect the innocent.

So apparently you all are […]

Did You Get Your Swag?

Thumbs up if you think Demand Studios Sucks!

Hola, kiddies!

How was your summer?

Hopefully it was productive and you spent lots and lots of time writing for Demand. Did you get any swag? How about sending us in some?

Sounds like things are pretty quiet on the Demand front. We’ve gotten reports that some of the queues are down to just a few thousand. A far cry from the glory days of Demand.

Demand itself seems to be okay. Their stock has recovered a few points over the last few weeks, although they’re still a far cry from the $25/share they were right after the IPO. Demand […]

Livestrong Sucks Velveeta

In its panties. I shit you not.

R.Head back from the dead. Gonna keep this short and sweet.

I really want to hat tip our friends at BoingBoing and just too good not to remark upon. Article was in that whoopsie state for almost a year, judging by the comments.

The unfortunate typo:

Has since been fixed.

I guess someone got wind of it up in TPTB Tower.

As Xeni points out, nobody had endeavored to remove Lance’s name from, not that there is any reason Ricky Rosen would want to diss his […]

Now Demand Sucks Again

How to get mail.

Hey DSSers,

Hope that everyone has a great holiday. We’re still occasionally poking our noses in here to see what’s been going on from time to time.

I know we’ve gotten a lot of comments along the lines of “hahaha your traffic died down and your site is gonna tank.” Which we then immediately delete.

But, uhhh, yeah…..our traffic died down because people loved coming here and bitching about Demand Studios.

Demand has now fired everyone (including yours truly and Richard) so, naturally, there’s not as much traffic.

However, despite what the haters say, we’re making enough to pay for the upkeep in this here […]

It’s a Two-Way Street: In Defense of CEs Who Lack Subject Expertise

How To Copy Edit for DS

Hey DSSers,

Well, looks like there’s some life in you yet. We just received a guest post from reader Rachel through our handy-dandy online contact form.

Think you can do better? Drop us a line!

There’s a lot of whining about getting rewrite requests from CEs whose notes betray a complete lack of understanding about the topic. But consider how many writers also write articles on topics which they have less than an hour’s worth of familiarity with.

Why should you get mad? You may be getting paid $25-$35 to do 20-30 minute’s worth […]

Demand CEs Editing Themselves Out of a Job?

How to Hear Things

Hey DSSers,

We know that there aren’t a lot of you out there, but, we’re still here.

Everyone has moved on to greener pastures and that’s probably for the best.

For those who are still at Demand, though, we’re hearing interesting things.

Apparently, the Copy Editors are doing SUCH a good job at being gatekeepers, that nobody wants to write any of the articles left in the queue. Seems like the sourcing and copy editing has gotten to the point where it’s just not worth the $25 any more to write one of these bad boys.

We wrote […]