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Time for a New Post – And More Snark

How to Look Like a Commenter Nerd

Yes. It’s me, P-dawg. We’re still keeping an eye on things here. Basically it’s hard to write about stuff, mostly because everyone has been fired from Demand. There’s still some action in the forums, if you care to poke your head over there.

Before I post these blurbs that some kind enough DSS writers were helpful enough to send in, let me just address the lame ass commenter guy.

Look dude -you’re a young man. You’re smart enough to know how to change your IP address so you can keep commenting after we ban you. You have […]

Demand Studios Proves They Still Suck

How to Write for Demand

Hey DSSers,

We’re still here.

How are things at your end?

This piece of mail just popped into the DSS mailbag. Thought it was pretty funny and pretty much sums up everything that’s going on right now.

Thought you might like to know that I just got turned down by DS.

I am a commercially published (Random House) author of a non fiction book on contract law. Apparently, however, I don’t make the DS grade.

No wonder people say DS sucks – and I can only imagine what their writers are offering their clients.

New name for them: Downward Spiral!


SOPA Sucks

Our SOPA protest. […]

Why Are Demand Writers the Ones Making $16 an Article?

Demand Studios sucks and files harassing lawsuits when their stock price goes down. […]

DMCA Takedown Response

In his response to Demand Media’s in-house legal counsel DMCA takedown notice, he cites free speech and the protections afforded unequivocal fair use in the form of news, commentary and criticism. Case law is cited to back the argument that Demand Media has opened themselves up to counter-claims under Section 512(f) of the DMCA. See 17 U.S.C. § 512(f), Lenz v. Universal, Online Policy Group v. Diebold. […]

DMD Forumgeddon

How to Get $10 Million in Funding

Don’t know if this has anything to do with the forums going down, but there it is….

Edit 9am – it sure as f**k does.

Dick’s on the case.

I’ve added the whole letter, removing any names involved.

Dear Registrant:

I write on behalf of Demand Media, Inc. (“Demand Media”), which is a leading online producer, publisher and syndicator of professional content and social media solutions.

Demand Media possesses valuable trademark rights in the Demand Media trademark and holds trademark registrations for Demand Media in numerous jurisdictions across the world. Demand Media is also […]