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Zombies Petition Demand for More Titles

Demand Studios contractors are beginning to freak out about the lack of titles and information coming from Demand. On the flip side, Demand is being pretty dickish about not putting out any kind of information at all about the dearth of titles. “We, as the freelance community of Demand Studios, demand that we be given real, precise and frequent updates as to the status and reasons behind the disappearance of titles from our lists and queues.” […]

IPO Day for DMD

How will Demand Media writers benefit from the crazed exuberance for shares of DMD after the IPO? Freelancers should actually not expect pay to go up if the scuttlebutt from Goldman is to be believed. […]

Guest Post – Freelance Writing

Suggestions regarding how to make money writing online, using Demand Media Studios as your entry path to a writing career. […]

Touched by Uncle Sam

How not to be Willie Nelson

Thought this might come in handy, especially all of you who have been riding the DS crack dragon for a few years.

Like a good drug dealer, DS doesn’t take out the tax man’s cut before they hand you over the goods.

Come the end of the year, you might be into the Uncle for a few bucks.

In the olden days, you had to apply for an extension and all that other rigamarole. But you know what, this time, old US has his act together.

Go set yourself up an account with Uncle Sam’s online friend EFTPS!

Let’s […]

Tip: Become a Heroin Expert!

How to Chase the Dragon

Hey DSSers,

Hope all of you are keeping well out there. I don’t know what Giff and Ricard are up to. Probably concocting some sort of evil plan for world domination.

Wanted to throw out another tip here for you guys.

I’ve been hearing lots of emails and reading posts about the lack of titles in the DS queue.

It’s not the lack of titles, it’s the lack of experts.

So what you need to do is become an expert.

Let’s say you’ve never done heroin before. You look in the queue and notice that there are an abundance of […]

How to Get More Associated Content Tail

How to Be Giff Head

Associated Content snatch is the best. But it can sometimes be hard or intimidating to meet AC babes. They can also be quite elusive, as they spend most of their time either writing content or spreading venereal disease. When you do happen to meet one, it’s sometimes difficult to know exactly what to do to get her to do some revenue sharing. But don’t worry, there are a few simple tricks you can try to get an Associated Content chick to put out.

1. Scope out places that Associated Content hos like to hang. This could be the closest corner […]