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Demanding to be Saved

How to Go Down With the Ship

Howdy everyone!

Sorry been so quiet. Decided to take this time off to take some holidays. Figured now would be a good time since the Demand queue is totally dried up during the eHow “renovation.”

Got this post in the mail from DSSer N. He raises some good points, so I’d thought I’d share it with everyone.

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Saving Demand

If Demand Media shareholders want to see if Sean Colo is serious about turning around the company’s flagship eHow website, there are a couple of quick […]

Of Spanish Showers and Tossed Salads

How to Get Wet

Thanks to DSS regular, Suckwad for this tip.


With their Q4 2011 earnings report just around the corner, it’s nice to see that Demand has made all those changes to tightening up their content.

So what exactly is a “Spanish Shower”? Well, all you have to do is Google the term and the first thing that comes up is the Urban Dictionary entry….

Using a large quantity of deodorant to hide an unwashed smell. To puke during sexual act, or vomit on somebody else’s genitals with sexual purposes. Disagree with the above interpretations? Head over to the Urban Dictionary […]

Fallow Domains on the eNom Farm

Further look at Michael Blend, EVP at Demand Media, and his background with Hotkeys & RSS Graffiti. Blend perhaps gave life to Google’s anti-spam team, according to Aaron Wall at SEOBook. Blend plays antagonist to Google’s Matt Cutts. […]

Demand Hires Google Exec for Damage Control

Demand Media Taps Crid Yu To Drive Strategic Partnerships […]

Webmasters Gettin’ PO’d at DMD

How to be cyber Woodward and Bernstein.

Hey DSSers,

Sorry for regurgitating the information from our forums, but the kids there are ON THE BALL! They’re scooping us left and right. So, if you really want to be all him and with it, get yourself over to the forums, pronto! It’s free!

Seems like the ever diligent CE_Cluebat found that lots of people were bitching on the official Google forums about eHow.

Here’s a link to the Google forums where webmasters are discussing Demand’s use of “no follow” links.

What’s strange is that eHow and Demand, for some reason, are trying to […]

Demand Media on Quality

Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt gives lipservice to the question of quality content. He also equates quality with everything from traffic to the number of content producers paid $.02 per title to churn through the search engine optimized content that Demand Studios produces at an alarming clip. […]