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Occupy Demand Media

Demand Studios Sucks lends its support to Occupy Wall Street and all the local Occupy Together movements coalescing around the world. We are the 99% and Richard Rosenblatt is the 1%. […]

eHow I Love Rachael Ray

Giff Head scoured the Interwebs for Rachael Ray posed with her shirt hanging low, nipples erect, or her ass poking out. All he found was Rachael Ray’s neighborhood on eHow and an extremely bad YouTube promo piece to accompany. […]

Giff Head’s Rachael Ray Birthday Adventure

Giff Head pokes his head back into the Demand Studios Sucks blog to share his goings on and thoughts about Rachael Ray and the eHow babes. The Suite101 tang has been left for dead fish. […]

Special Grilled Cheese – Now Worth $10Million!

How to Get $10 Million in Funding

Richie must be crapping in his pants!

Just last week, Johnathan Kaplan announced that his grilled cheese sandwich chain received some venture capital funding to the tune of $10 Million plus!

The chain will be called “Melt” and is slated to open a handful of stores in San Francisco in August, 2011, with expansion to the rest of the country to follow.

How does everyone’s favorite purveyor of special grilled cheese sandwiches feel about this? We can only guess.

Hello App Store

Demand Media’s iPhone and Android app store strategies examined. How or why would anyone would use eHow for the iPhone? They have been downloading it. Google-related risk levels remain high. […]

Call the FBI!

Letters to the Demand Studios Sucks establishment. Threats to bring in the Feds were made. Dear Sirs … […]