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How to Go Down With the Ship

Yeah, we know it’s been a while since we rapped at ya.

In all truth, neither Richard or myself has even logged into the Demand site in many months.

Writing this post yesterday made me curious to see if I still even had permissions, so I checked.

And, lo and behold I do.

A quick snoop around confirmed that Demand is pumping out hard hitting journalism pieces as ever.

Some of the titles I noticed in the queue:

What is the Most Popular Job in Japan? Tractor Repair Training How to Teach English in Greenland

Ahh, some things never change.

Now […]

The Ship is Just About Under

How to Go Down With the Ship

Hey guys,

Not really much going on at the Demand front.

The queues look like they’re mostly empty. The few writers with permissions still at the studio keep correcting old articles and everyone else sits around the forums bitching.

Here’s a bit of news straight from Demand staff:

I wish I had more solid answers for everyone when it comes to the renovation, particularly when assignments/sections will be “ready.” But alas, I am caught by surprise at times when things are announced 🙂

So – even Demand staff doesn’t know what’s going on. Sad.

In other news, Demand […]

Demand Studios Closing?

Just had a couple of different people send this in. As with most of our anonymous tips, we’re taking it worth a grain of salt.

This instagram pic was linked to from the DMS forums somewhere. Go to the link and hover over the image and you get this message:

23 hours ago – Oh, Snap. The end of the month is fast approaching! Make sure to upload any In Production projects asap, as the Studio will begin its closure for site renovation starting in April.

Click on the image to see a screen cap.

Demand closing for renovations? Or just closing. And they haven’t bothered to […]

Too Good to Pass Up

So sad and yet so true.

DS Wrapup!

How to Go Down With the Ship

Man, oh man…

We step away from our keyboards for just a few days and all of Demand Studios collapses.

Here’s just a quick roundup of some of the tidbits that have been filtering in. Sorry they’re a little late.

I’ll write up some of my thoughts on the whole situation as soon as I have a chance to ruminate on the whole Demand situation…

DSSer Schlomo

About an hour ago Demand shut down its titling department, after announcing that they would be turning all their attention to an eHow “renovation.” I’ve avoided sharing things with Demand Studios Sucks in the […]

DMD Falls to a New Low and Crosby is Mad as Hell

Hey DSSers,

Hope everyone made it through the craziness of the last few days. I don’t have to tell you that old DMS is in bad shape.

As I write this, their stock has plummeted below $5 – the lowest it’s been in a year, and executives are warning stockholders that profits aren’t going to be what they thought.

Love this quote from a story on Reuters:

“We need to fix eHow,” said Mel Tang, Demand Media CFO, suggesting an overhaul to turn the site into a destination rather than one that people stumble upon after conducting a search query.

Little birdies are […]