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Content Researchers/Writers

Discuss freelance writing and content mill site alternatives to Demand Media Studios.

Content Researchers/Writers

Postby Page1News » Thu Oct 20, 2011 8:32 pm


Classesandcareers.com is seeking talented and web-savvy writers/researchers to help us create up-to-date content for our site. We need people passionate about the education industry that can write useful articles about online education, school programs, online schools, financial aid, and career opportunities. Not only that, but you must be able to do valuable research to help develop resources and guides for our visitors. You will be asked to find research via web, phone, and interviews with experts in the field.

We want researchers/writers who can find and create fresh and useful information for people looking to go back to school. Help us get rid of our old school boring content and pump up the value on our site!


Write 1-2 articles per week, 1,000 words each
Reproduce articles across social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon.

Work from home doing freelance journalism and writing
Have published articles on the internet.

Bachelors Degree or currently enrolled in college (preferably communication and journalism majors)
2-3 Writing Examples
An influence and voice in social networking
Journalism and experience writing for blogs and on the web
Interviewing experience
WordPress experience
Familiarity with the Associated Press, PR Newswire and other news sources
Passion for emerging online and social media technologies
Creativity. We need people who can present standard or bland information in a more exciting way. If you don't have personality in the way you write, we probably aren's interested.
Email your resume, contact information, and writing samples. [email protected]
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Re: Content Researchers/Writers

Postby WhatEver » Thu Oct 20, 2011 9:03 pm

:) Thanks for posting this one. Looks intriguing, especially since LS articles and BH articles in education topics have disappeared!
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