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Medical Writer

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Medical Writer

Postby Page1News » Fri Oct 21, 2011 10:12 pm



Our readership includes MDs and PhDs and even the guy next door looking for innovative, ground-breaking information on how to stay healthy and increase their longevity. Given our diverse audience, we require a writer who understands medicine but can write for the lay public. You need to be able to explain everything from hormonal cascades and oxidative damage to C-reactive protein and homocysteine in a compelling must-read style. If you can write an article that would print in the NY TIMES Science Section, you can write for us.
The magazines main focus is on nutraceuticals and hormone replacement for the prevention and treatment of disease ranging from congestive heart failure, diabetes, migraines and depression. All articles are based on published clinical data and interviews with researchers. Articles require extensive research and referencing AMA style as well as an executive summary.

We are looking for an impressive portfolio of published work that relates to our readerships interests.
If you know nutraceuticals from rhodiola to taurine and can explain amyloid plaques to the general public, then please send your resume and clips to [email protected].

**Articles can be written remotely - position does not require relocation to Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
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