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Greatest Help Wanted Ad Ever

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Greatest Help Wanted Ad Ever

Postby Page1News » Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:10 pm

This is for an on-site NYC position, but I wanted to post it because I LOVE their ad-writing skills. If you happen to live near the city, here's the contact info: http://www.blackspottv.com/about/

OUR JR COPYWRITER JOB REQUIREMENTS: 3 years min copywriting experience. You must know Microsoft Word...barely. No recent college grads please. Reels and/or sample work necessary. Skin at least an inch or two thick. Fake IDs are encouraged. A take home writing test will be required for applicants making it to the Final Double Jeopardy round.

About Our Company


Junior Copywriter needed for full time employment at a freakin brilliant tv marketing company. Candidate must be a tv junkie. Seriously, if you are too good for television then you are way too good to work here. No offense. We respect that you read and knit on the weekends, but lets not waste each others time okay? Storage Wars aint gonna watch itself.

We partner with broadcast and cable networks to create campaigns and episodic promos for new and existing shows. So if you are interested in writing 30 second scripts for ABC, TBS, Nickelodeon and Food Network, all in the same week, then you are who we are looking for.

Each TV network has its own voice, so whomever we hire must possess sharp writing skills and a schizophrenic personality. They also must be self-motivated, have a positive attitude, extremely driven to succeed at any cost, strong communications skills and all that crap.

In return for money and benefits, we demand one thing: the scripts you hand us must be consistently smart, creative and amazing. If its generic, its garbage. We are striving to be the best. Sincerely. Theres tons of average out there. (You know who you are.) If this is just a job for you, then stop reading this and go back to finishing your Sudoku puzzle.

You will have a desk, but working from home from time to time does not offend us. We have Nerf guns and lots of liquor. Lunch is free. So is the caffeine and Advil. Our workday usually starts at 10am. Dressing up is frowned upon. Birthdays are celebrated with wild abandon, unless you hate that sort of thing. You will have four crazy bosses, but one is an insufferable bald Creative Director who will demand perfection at every turn. He means well and will make you a better writer, but be warned: he is a huge pain in the ass.

If this sounds remotely interesting send us an email. If we see a paste & copy cover letter, we automatically hit delete. Be original. Be interesting. Be yourself.
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Re: Greatest Help Wanted Ad Ever

Postby Siren » Tue Nov 29, 2011 11:00 pm

That's a beautiful ad. I could see the workplace descriptions as the basis of a modern-day "Mad Men"-style series.
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Re: Greatest Help Wanted Ad Ever

Postby balls-r-us » Wed Nov 30, 2011 7:55 am

This would definitely be my kind of job if I didn't live thousands of miles away :P
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Re: Greatest Help Wanted Ad Ever

Postby undercover » Fri Dec 02, 2011 7:40 am

I just fell in love with whoever wrote that.
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