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Internet Brands Sucks

Discuss freelance writing and content mill site alternatives to Demand Media Studios.

Internet Brands Sucks

Postby fuckermcfucksticks » Thu Nov 29, 2012 5:38 pm

I dropped DS in favor of going back to IB on a part-time basis because the pay significantly increased there to write much "cooler" articles. Well, in the first month I earned $415 and that took all of about 10 hours worth of work to earn. Well, they mail you a check at first until the "one-month-long processing" passes for your direct deposit -- a month is fucking ridiculous anyways.

So, the check was supposed to be mailed on 11/14 and here I am on 11/29 and still no check. I emailed them the day before T-Giving saying I hadn't received my check yet and no answer for a week. Finally, I email several people and get the response that there was a "clerical error" that cause many people to not get their checks and the check was mailed out on 11/26. Well, it blew my fucking mind enough that they did not send out an email saying there was an error, but to boot, they fucking snail mailed it, I guess, as I have yet to get it...

So I asked the dumb twatbag, Stacy, at IB Pub to confirm that my direct deposit was setup for next month. Her response was that payroll never got it. Um, I emailed the thing to her and have a receipt saying she got it on 10/3, but she says "I never received it." So I send it again two days ago asking her to please confirm that she received it. No confirmation and I have emailed three more times since and STILL no fucking response.

What a shithole IB has turned into and I am pretty sure they are dicking around because funds are tight, so they string out us paper-check recipients until money is available. Needless to say, I am fucking done there.

Ohh and to boot, they have one goddamn editor and I have had shit sitting for over 10 days now and the only one he touched, he sent back a retarded RW request saying to do exactly what I was told NOT to do...

Fuck you Internet Brands!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

ETA: I almost forgot to add that I now have over $1,700 in written articles this month that I am sure I will not get paid for either. That puts me well over $2,000 in the hole now. Mother fuckers!
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