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Debt and Business

Just like the title says!

Re: Debt and Business

Postby Scribe On Demand » Fri Dec 30, 2011 2:38 pm

Clue, I hadn't even thought about blog ads. I do them for one of the blogs I run, so it's silly I didn't think of it. I just have to find wedding blogs for my area since I'm a local service.

I've thought of AdWords. Can you make your ads only show regionally? I haven't worked with AdWords in YEARS, so I don't remember. And how/where can I find how expensive the keywords I want are?
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Re: Debt and Business

Postby CE_ClueBat » Fri Dec 30, 2011 2:59 pm

Yep, you can set regions. I set for Canada and the US. You can also choose to only have them show in the search results, but that will get you very little impressions. Adwords is tough to figure out. I really want to hire someone to write some ads for me. The best results come when you have time to mess around with the landing page and such, but for the amount of clicks we get, the number people who fill out the form are pretty high. The problem is sifting through the junk requests.

You can also pause ads, and I know some businesses will pause ads at night and on the weekends.

Another idea is to find sites that are in your niche and see what their rates are. These are usually the cheapest ads unless the site is crazy busy. Like, find a wedding site that is for website owners or something that caters to people with websites and see if you can advertise with them. You're advertising straightup writing? You could get a banner ad for probably a semi-low cost on a site that caters to business readers. People who run a wedding company and reading a business website probably has a site of their own, so a kick-ass sales banner ad could rock some traffic.

If you have the money (and I sure as hell understand how it is with a one-man show...it's hard), I'd hire a good banner salesy guy. Not sure how much it would cost. You can't ever underestimate real ad copy. It can make or break your advertising efforts. The problem is that it's expensive, so yeah, I usually have to take shortcuts, but I've worked with marketing geniuses and it makes a difference.
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