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Anyone freelance for Lionbridge?

Just like the title says!

Anyone freelance for Lionbridge?

Postby ISeeNotes » Sun Mar 25, 2012 3:18 am

I picked Lionbridge back up again after being suspended for non-participation - the extra ~$1200 a month would be nice right now. The guidelines state raters can't exceed 20 hours per week (from what I can see, the reason is so that you'll stay within the maximum monthly limit). I totaled 0 hours last week, so I'm wondering if I can put in more than 20 hours this week to compensate for the lack of work last week. Anyone have experience with this?

I would just say fuck it and do it to see what happens, but I'd rather not screw up the payment I have coming on the 10th. If my time isn't approved, I don't think I'll be getting paid until April 30th. I can only imagine that they run an automated program to check your recorded time and tasks against your actual time and tasks, but I'm not sure if going over 20 hours in a week would set off some sort of red flag.
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