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Any Javascripters here at DSS?

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Any Javascripters here at DSS?

Postby D.H. » Sun Jan 23, 2011 8:01 am

Patrick and I are ready to start implementing some long-held ideas that we've had for how to improve the Demand workflow for all content producers. We believe these types of scripts will add value to our site and be deemed useful by almost anyone who currently has an account at Demand, whether or not you are an active contributor there anymore.

Looking for someone who is familiar with javascript & willing to take on some small projects. I figured I'd go here before looking to take to oDesk or similar site. The scripts will need to be written in GreaseMonkey & GreaseMetal. You don't need experience with either, but you do need motivation to learn. Javascript & CSS would be most useful.

You will be compensated. You will also definitely receive the adulation of your peers here. Ideally, we'd like to explore some form of tip jar or online pledge from the members of the DSS forums to help fund the work. In return for a contribution of some minimum amount, a contributor will receive a copy of the script and instructions on how to use it. That's about all I want to say about that for now.

The first pair of scripts would be useful primarily for Writers, but I have also identified some methods that could speed up the Titling process for certain tasks, in certain use cases.

I'm really not asking for suggestions about what you want to see, but I also won't stifle discussion on this topic. For now I just need to scope the project a little better from the standpoint of time and cost. I have identified two separate scripts that any Writer here would find useful. The don't seem terribly complex to create to me, but I don't have the time to afford so we are talking non-trivial.

I'd prefer not to get into details in the forums until we have gathered requirements more fully and developed a use case for each. PM me if you are interested in actually writing a script or helping manage the project. That's all I want to hear about. Don't PM me to share your ideas about what you think should be done. I'm looking for links to your work and a description of your skills. I will do some diligence. Surely some of you have javascripting in your repertoire or know someone who does?
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