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Allow Us To Suggest Our Own Titles for Up Front Pay

Got a suggestion for Demand Studios? Let's make their Zombies come over here for suggestions...

Allow Us To Suggest Our Own Titles for Up Front Pay

Postby justanotherwriter » Tue Mar 01, 2011 1:21 pm

Title says it all, but I'll elaborate anyway. If I can prove that my title is search engine optimized, I want you to let me write it..and I want you to pay me up front for it. I don't care how you make me prove it...with all of the money you have, you could set up an automated algorithm pretty easily. Don't look at me like that, we both know how much scratch you have. Seriously, I want this. Residual is nice, if one has the time or inclination to write 500 articles for nothing up front.

I don't.

So let me use my SEO knowledge to come up with some money making titles. As long as you screen it for optimization, you won't be losing any extra money.

Look, not many of your contractors would be able to pass the automated algorithm; they'd give up in frustration. This would create a nice cozy niche for those of us who can. Meanwhile, you let the other guys write the titles that you come up with, and me and my SEO buddies will come up with good ones of our won. I'd bet you that humans with a background in SEO can come up with titles that your titling algorithm would never spit out.

It's a win/win.
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