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First Constant Content Submission


Re: First Constant Content Submission

Postby garbo » Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:41 am

I have 24 articles up on CC, all written last year. The best month I've had with CC brought in almost $400, but that was mainly due to happy coincidence. A buyer representing a new site happened to be looking for articles on digital audio production (my main topic area). For the past six months, I've rarely brought in more than $20/month because it's usually not a subject that sells very well (not on CC, not anywhere, sadly).

I keep meaning to get organized and make myself write one or two 500-700 word articles for them every week, but have been too busy.

One good tip, though: use CC as a way to get paid to learn what you want to learn. Those 24 articles I posted were the result of teaching myself how to use various digital audio apps and hardware. I spent so much time learning about the subject that I figured I may as well try to leverage it to make some money in the process. And it worked, more or less.
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