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Postby MaximusPaynicus » Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:17 am

I joined DMS back in April of 2009. At first I thought it was awesome: good pay for relatively easy work, I get to lounge around in my underwear, switching off from writing mindless drivel about replacing computer hard drives to playing a little bit of Elder Scrolls IV at my leisure. But, as time went on and the CEs (not all of them, but enough) began to wear on me.

They'd send back articles because they found a single punctuation error (this has happened to me more than once). Other times, it would be for a misspelled word. I usually didn't mind fixing rewrite requests for technical issues. If a section read weird or something of that sort. But after a while, every stray comma or "a" before "e" started getting sent back. But I pressed on... for a while, anyways.

After about a year of steady work, I began to notice the quality of titles begin to go downward -- I'm sure I wasn't alone in this. From about May 2010 until the day they closed the damn thing, I was a frequent user of the "Title Clarification" board. Why? Because some of the things the computer was vomiting out was fucked up. Once DMS removed this forum in favor of a community chitchat over what possible interpretation a title could mean, as opposed to a hard FIX, I more or less gave up on trying to make DMS work for me any longer.

You see, I don't particularly like the majority of the people there. That doesn't mean I dislike everybody who hangs out over at the forums, but let me put it this way: if DMS were an actual office, I probably would have been the deranged psychopath that snapped and brought a pistol into work on a drab, gray afternoon. I simply cannot stomach the majority of these people.

On the flipside, DSS seems to be a happenin' place, full of people who, like myself, are disillusioned by the goings on over at the parent company. Plus, judging by some of the discussions I've read over here I can say "Fucker Doodle Dandy" without any repercussion.

TL;DR: Hi.
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Re: Konnichiwa!

Postby fuckermcfucksticks » Thu Feb 24, 2011 1:03 am

Welcome! Ahh yes the bullshit typo rewrites. Like fucking editors are supposed to edit. Yes and feel free to drop a "fuck" wherever you see fit. :) Again, welcome to the FUN forum. :mrgreen:

ETA: Most of the people here are forthright and open, plus they will share some great information. Such as different mills to write for or even non-writing work at home places.
I am really not a dick... I just play one on DSS.
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