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Crawling out from my Zombie Hole

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Crawling out from my Zombie Hole

Postby RedCoyote » Fri Feb 25, 2011 1:37 am

Zombie hole? Zombie crypt?

I've been with DS for like 2 years now. Wow this is really starting to sound like an AA shcpiel haha. Iw as going to name myself DSZombie but I feel like being optimistic instead. That palce really is rotting my brain/sanity.

I'm not actually a DS zombie though. Those folks are pretty clear. DS will post something like "We just changed the font to Courier!"

And then, on cue, about 40 people will write "WoW, thanks! This is the best thing ever! Times new Roman was really bringing me down!"

If I were a more paranoid man, I would think they were paid shills. Heh.
So instead I named myself after an animal known for its slyness. After all, slyness is the only reason i've been able to forge a living at DS at all over the loooong time I've been there. I wouldn't be surprised if i were one of the older ones now, considering the turn over rate.

Creative interpretation of titles is technically illegal, but i really don't get how you could survive otherwise. i got a title once that I intereprreted creatively and the CE wrote "You're being misleading here, you need to write it ____ way."

I mean they were right, but the reason i changed the title in the first place was taht i looked it up and several sites said "Can't be done."

So, the CE was LITERALLY asking me to do the impossible. I also have had more than one CE that told me (via the tech guidelines) that I had to individually describe the 3 different sites I mentioned that offered the exact same installation file. When i wrote (O the folly of foolish sensibility) that the three sites were identical and describing them would be useless they actually told me to mention format differences

"Go to site A if you luuuurrrve green font, and Site B if you're just a sucker for right justification. During the 4 seconds it takes you to click "download" you'll really appreciate the difference!"

I've adapted to every arbitrary hoop they've put in place, learned to never say anything more than the bare minimum for fear of being told to "say more about that>' But the "quality control" stuff they've put in place has me worried. It's one step above giving a CE a "Instantly Fire" button.

I actually have a theory that the writers who get sent to writer re-education camp are simply ones who've ended up with scrutiny on them, and the majority of writers who aren't meticulously micromanaging their scorecard sheets would get a failing grade if anyone looked in detail at their published work logs. the people who end up fired are simply the ones who've been there the longest. An oversimplification but still, i do wonder.

I've tried keeping my little cockroach head down over the years, scurrying in between the many many stomping boots of editors out there but I'm starting to worry about my chances for non-squished-dom as the number of ways i can get screwed keep going up and up, and the general article pool goes down and down.

I'm *finally* applying elsewhere, I think honestly in part because of some of the stuff i've read here during the lurky days. you guys do seem to rock pretty hard.

Bright hub, wisegeek and break studios so far. Reject from break studios. I should really apply to many many more. I just need to figure out where, I'm probably too hesitant about it. I need up front places first i think, in case something happens to DS since I foolishly depend on it at the moment.

Anyway, woops I went and ranted all over myself. Oh well. Thanks DSSucks for letting me vent, it's been building up for two years now methinks.

Also, Hello.

-Toiling DS Serf (/coyote)
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Re: Crawling out from my Zombie Hole

Postby SEO Speedwagon » Fri Feb 25, 2011 1:45 am

Welcome to the dark side (which, incidentally, is also the better side).
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SEO Speedwagon
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